10 Difference between Japanese and Chinese Eyes

Despite the fact that all humans are members of the same type of animal, there are differences between each person and between racial and ethnic groups of people. Our average body height and weight, skin pigmentation, nose shape, and other facial characteristics vary according to our location of birth and natural adaptability.

The shape of the eyes is the biggest difference between Chinese and Japanese eyes. Chinese eyes are angular, while Japanese eyes are round or oval. Another notable difference can be seen in the slant of these two sets of eyes. The eyes of Chinese people slant down, while the eyes of Japanese people slant upwards.

Let’s compare Japanese and Chinese eyes in more detail:

Japanese and Chinese Eyes
Japanese and Chinese Eyes
ShapeJapanese eyes are round, while Chinese eyes are angular.
SlantJapanese eyes slant upward, while Chinese eyes slant downward.
SizeCompared to Japanese eyes, Chinese eyes are smaller.
Double eyelidsJapanese double eyelids are larger than those of the Chinese.

What are Japanese eyes?

People who are Japanese have either round or oval-shaped eyes. The eyes are at an upward angle.

Also, Japanese people’s eyes are bigger than average because their faces are bigger. Compared to men, women in Japan have larger eyes.

The main thing that tells how big a Japanese person is is the area under their eyes, and their main facial expression is a frown.

As a whole, the double eyelid is less common than the big eyes of the Japanese. This is the main thing that makes Japanese people different from other Asians.

What are Chinese Eyes?

People from China tend to have eyes that look like they are slanted. Most of the time, they have a downward angle.

The small size of nature makes the eyes of Chinese people less noticeable. Chinese people have smaller faces, which makes their eyes stand out even though they are the same size.

Chinese people’s eyes are usually defined by the area above the eyelids and under the eyes.

The main thing that sets Chinese people apart from people from other Asian countries is their smile.

Besides that, the Chinese eyes have mono-lids and small double eyelids. To know how they are different, it is very important to understand these things.

Key Differences Japenese and Chinese Eyes

  • Most Chinese eyes are angled, while most Japanese eyes are oval or round.
  • Japanese people are thought to have come from the Jmon, Yayoi, and Mongol peoples, while Chinese people are thought to have come from the Hoklo, Cantonese, and Hakka peoples.
  • Japanese eyes are shaped in a way that makes them look up, while Chinese eyes are shaped in a way that makes them look down.
  • Japanese eyes, especially those of women, are usually bigger than Chinese eyes.
  • The eyes of a Japanese person stand out more than the eyes of a Chinese person.
  • Japanese eyes look like they are frowning, while Chinese eyes look like they are smiling.
  • The eyelids of Japanese eyes have one edge and a flip side, but the eyelids of Chinese eyes have two edges.
  • Japanese eyes are big, and most of them have double eyelids. Chinese eyes, on the other hand, have small double eyelids.


  • Both eyes are white.
  • Both have bodies that look the same.
  • The color of their skin is the same.
  • Both have faces that are similar.
  • Both use similar makeup.


It’s hard to tell the difference between a Japanese person and a Chinese person just by looking at them. There are also many other things to think about, such as language, structures, dialects, behavior, and fashion.

The main difference between Japanese and Chinese eyes is that Japanese eyes tend to be bigger than Chinese eyes.