10 Major Difference between Royal Blue and Navy Blue Color

Blue is one of the most favored colors when it comes to colors. Typically, blue is associated with the sky and sea. It is regarded as being both cool and natural. But this color doesn’t always look the same. Blue comes in different shades. Royal Blue and Navy Blue are two common colors of blue.

The major difference between Navy Blue and Royal Blue is that Navy Blue is a very dark shade of blue that almost looks black, while Royal Blue is a bright shade of azure blue that is also dark.

Royal Blue and Navy Blue Color
Royal Blue and Navy Blue Color

What is Royal Blue?

Royal blue is a shade of blue that looks and feels very high-class. It produces a dazzling effect. The color royal blue is really promising. Numerous abstract symbols, like loyalty, veracity, and dependability, are connected to it. This color was employed extensively by famous queens throughout their empires and castles. The Royal families and their households most frequently use it, along with the fashion industry. This color has strong spectral relationships with the purplish and reddish colours. According to color psychology, it has a highly relaxing effect on the eyes and on people. It is a very quiet blue, yet one that is nevertheless extremely beautiful. When it comes to fashionable clothing and fountain pen inks, royal blue is more common than it is when used by the Royalty around the world.

What is Navy Blue?

Navy blue, a deep hue of blue, is typically used to symbolize the navy nation. The color frequently serves as a metaphor for confidence, unity, stability, and power.

Despite the blue color making it distinct, the color might occasionally give the impression of being black.

Pilot offices, uniforms for naval officers, and other collared outfits frequently use this color. Additionally, it can be utilized for bedsheets, office decor, and home interiors.

The most fantastic aspect of the color is that it is widely used by many authorities around the world, making it more frequent than royal blue.

Comparison Chart: Royal Blue vs Navy Blue

PropertiesRoyal Blue ColorNavy Blue Color
DefinitionLight and brightened version of the blue shade.The dark and blackened shade of blue color
AssociationRoyalty, trust, loyalty, and superiorityDuty, confidence, unity, stability, and authority
BrightnessHigh intensityLow intensity
EffectCalmingAuthoritative and commanding influence
UtilizationIn Royal households, fashion attires, etcIn the official air force, navy and office uniforms; and office, household interiors, and furniture
PrevalenceNot commonQuite common in international naval authorities
Hexadecimal Code#4169E1#000080
Earlier NameQueen’s blue shadeNot available
Occasion of UseFashionable attiresOfficial uniforms

Key Difference Between Royal Blue and Navy Blue Color

  • Royal blue is less common than navy blue.
  • While navy blue symbolizes power, firmness, and confidence, royal blue stands for truthfulness, loyalty, and greatness.
  • Royal blue has a very light intensity compared to navy blue’s modest brightness.
  • Navy blue is often utilized to create formal uniforms, whereas royal blue is used to create trendy clothing.
  • Royal blue is connected with Imperialist and Royal families, while navy blue is associated with military authorities like naval forces.
  • While the royal blue color exudes calmness, the navy blue color is full of power and conformity.
  • Navy blue is best for offices, home interiors, and furniture, whereas royal blue is best for royal-themed homes.


Is blue and royal blue same?

There is a widespread misperception that the names royal blue and navy blue refer to the same color. In actuality, royal blue is a darker hue of blue than navy blue and is far more saturated. When combined as an analogous color scheme, the two colors can look fantastic.

What shade of blue is royal blue?

The Collins English Dictionary describes “royal blue” as “a deep brilliant blue,” whereas the Cambridge English Dictionary describes it as “a strong, bright blue color.”

What two colors make royal blue?

You can make royal blue by mixing the colors blue and purple. To get the right shade, the amount of each should be the same. If not, the result will be different. Royal blue is a darker shade of blue, which is the main color.


It is true that both colors can enhance your personality with elegance and charm. It is up to you to select the one that best meets your needs. The aforementioned distinctions and parallels will aid you in reaching a wise choice. However, both colors generally succeed in their respective roles. You won’t regret choosing your favorite color.