10 vital Difference between Personality and Character

The main difference between a person’s character and personality is that a person’s character is made up of their unique traits or qualities, while a person’s personality is made up of their abilities, behaviors, beliefs, ideologies, attitudes, etc.

When we watch someone’s behavior, we can learn a lot about who they are as a person. Because of this, these two things about people are linked to each other. But each person is unique because they are different from everyone else.

If you have an interview coming up, you should know the difference between your personality and your character. Let’s learn more about the subject.

difference between personality and character

What Is Character?

Character is basically a person’s characteristics. A person can have both good and bad qualities, and based on these qualities, we can figure out what kind of person they are. Because of his or her character, a person stands out in society. Character starts to form when a person is born, and it continues to change based on the people he or she meets. A person’s reputation is based on his or her character. The people he or she lives with have a big impact on how he or she turns out. But it’s not easy to tell what a person’s character is like because character traits don’t usually show up unless a person is in a certain situation. So, it’s hard to figure out someone’s real character in a short amount of time. You have to watch someone for a while to get a sense of who they are.

When it comes to other meanings of the word “character,” the part a person plays in a play, book, or poem is also called a “character.” In a play or book, there are many different kinds of characters. Usually, you can tell the difference between bad characters, like the villain, and good characters, like the hero, heroine, etc. In a writing system, symbols can also be thought of as characters.

What Is Personality?

Personality is how a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and social traits come out in public. Funder (2001) says that a person’s personality is made up of their unique ways of thinking, feeling, and acting, as well as the hidden or not-so-hidden psychological mechanisms that make these things happen. So, a person’s personality is made up of all of his or her qualities, opinions, attitudes, and principles, which are all part of his or her character traits.

Personality, on the other hand, is much easier to see and understand than character. The way a person acts is influenced by his or her personality traits. Because people are different, they act in different ways in different situations. Personality isn’t something you’re born with; it’s something you learn as you interact with other people. So many psychologists and researchers study how people’s personalities change over time, and there are so many ways that a person can change his or her own personality traits. One could say that childhood is the best time to learn how to be a good person. That’s when a person grows and changes, and it’s easy to learn good personality traits at that age.

People have different types of personalities, such as introvert, extrovert, emotional, happy, and rational. There are also different tests that can be used to figure out these personality types. But a person’s main qualities and other traits are most important when it comes to making up that person’s personality.

Comparison Table (Personality and Character)

DefinitionIt’s how someone expresses themself.It serves as a means of elucidating the inner character of the subject.
ChangesAt some point in lifeNo
TraitsBoth physical and personalBoth moral and mental
ImportanceIt will help figure out who a person is.It will help figure out what changes are happening in the way people act.

Key Differences Between Personality and Character

The following points talk about the big differences between personality and character:

  • A person’s personality is his or her mask or identity. On the other hand, the learned behavior is the character.
  • Personality is a matter of opinion, but character is a matter of fact.
  • Personality is how a person looks and acts on the outside. At the same time, character shows the things about a person that you can’t see.
  • Personality is a person’s unique mix of traits, attitudes, and actions that set them apart from other people. Character is a person’s moral and mental traits and beliefs that set them apart from other people.
  • Personality is how we seem to other people. On the other hand, the character stands for Who are we really?
  • Character is a set of a person’s mental and moral traits, while personality is a collection of their personal traits.
  • The way a person acts and thinks can change over time. The character, on the other hand, lasts longer.
  • Character needs the approval and support of other people. The personality, on the other hand, doesn’t need the approval and support of society.


The main difference between personality and character is that personality is about how a person looks and acts on the outside, while character is about how a person is on the inside. It takes time to figure out what a person is like.