15 Difference between Occupation and Profession

People often use the words “occupation” and “profession” in the same way. Even though these words can be used interchangeably, there is a small difference between occupation and profession. Occupation is a neutral word that is used in many different ways. But a profession is an occupation that requires a formal degree or a long time of training.

The main difference between a Profession and an Occupation is that some tasks or jobs require people who are experts in them. That specific job is called a profession. When someone is said to be “in business,” it means that they are doing something for a certain time period of time.

Difference between Occupation and Profession

What Is  Occupation?

A person’s occupation is the thing he or she does to make a living. Getting a job or running a business are two ways to make money.

Some jobs include being a driver, a civil servant, a shop owner, a clerk, an accountant, and many more.

Occupation doesn’t require a person to go to school, but it does involve both mental and physical tasks. Take a look at the following examples to better understand this idea.

  1. A profession
  2. An Employment.
  3. A Business

A specific stream of specialized education is not always necessary for an occupation. Both physical and mental jobs are considered to be a part of an occupation. The following categories make up occupation:

  • A business. where an individual engages in trade or commerce
  • Employment. where one works to support oneself
  • A profession. providing assistance to others

What Is Profession?

A profession is a paid occupation that calls for extensive education and formal credentials. It typically refers to intellectual endeavors that include earning a credential. According to this definition, professions include teaching, law, medicine, engineering, writing, etc. The field of a certain occupation is sometimes referred to by the word “profession.” To further comprehend this idea, consider the examples below.

  1. Medicine  
  2. Doctor
  3. Lawyer
  4. Education
DefinitionA person’s occupation is the thing he or she does every day to make a living.A profession is a job or a line of work that requires a lot of knowledge and skill in a certain field.
QualificationNo need for educational qualificationEducational and training qualification is a must
Code of ConductNoYes
Higher educationNoYes
StatusLowVery high

Key Difference between Occupation and Profession

  • Occupation does not require special training, but profession does.
  • Occupation doesn’t have a code of conduct, but the profession does.
  • Statutory bodies are in charge of the profession, but not the occupation.
  • The nature of an occupation is neutral and generic, while a profession is a pursuit of knowledge.
  • The pay scale for occupation is low, but the pay scale for profession is high.
  • Occupation has more options than profession, which only has one.
  • Occupation doesn’t have any responsibilities, but the profession does.
  • People respect professions and they have a high profession in society, which is not true of occupations.
  • Occupation tends not to have independence, but profession does.
  • Unlike occupation, statutory bodies give advice to professions.


From what we’ve talked about so far, it’s clear that “occupation” is a more general term that includes “profession.” Occupation also includes ordinary jobs that don’t get much respect from society. Professionals, on the other hand, are mostly known for their jobs, which is why they get a lot of respect and recognition from society.