15 Major Difference between Democrats and Republicans

The Republicans and Democrats are the two main and historically largest political parties in the US. After every election, they hold the majority of seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as the most governors. Even though both parties want what’s best for the people of the US, there are clear differences between them that show up in their comments, decisions, and history. Most of these differences have to do with ideas about how to make the US successful and the world a better place for everyone. In this article, the differences between the two parties are based on where the majority of politicians stand, even though individual politicians may have different opinions.

Democrats and Republicans
Democrats and Republicans

What Is the Democratic Party?

The Democrats believe in democracy and want to make it a better way to run the government. They work to make sure that human rights are a key part of the way American institutions work. The Democratic Party began around 1792, when the United States got rid of British rule. Andrew Jackson was the first President from the Democratic Party.

Democrats want a tax system that makes the rich and big businesses pay more, and they would rather spend money on social programs than on defense. Democrats support the civil rights of minorities and believe that everyone should have a safety net. They do this by supporting healthcare and other social welfare programs. In order to pay for these programs and other projects, Democrats often raise taxes. Democrats also back programs to protect the environment, control guns, make immigration laws less strict, and give workers more rights. The symbol for the Democrats is a donkey. Some well-known Democrats who have been President are John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Advantages of democracy

  • The participation of each member in the government makes it easier to get their support and help for the government to succeed.
  • It is a good way to teach people about politics, the economy, and social issues.
  • Promoting patriotism among the people is helpful and keeps violent revolutions from happening.
  • It helps to move forward and grow, and it makes it possible for changes to happen in a peaceful way.
  • It gives people the freedom to speak, think, gather, and act as they want.
  • It ensures freedom and equality, which are important for human growth.
  • In a democracy, everyone’s rights and interests are protected. It can use the resources of everyone because it works for the good of everyone.
  • It makes everyone’s view of the world bigger and less self-centered, which is a good thing.
  • It gives every person in the country a huge personal right and stands against any government that tries to control what people think, say, or do.
  • Democracy’s best quality is that it supports the free growth of the human spirit and the free expression of the human mind.

Disadvantages of democracy

  • It can sometimes cause the majority view to win out over the minority view.
  • Citizens and party members are controlled by the people who run the party and hold political office in the government.
  • It doesn’t encourage people to say what they think.
  • It’s a very expensive way to run the government because there have to be elections for each office every so often.
  • Corruption and other wrongdoings are hard to stop.
  • It’s also called “government by amateurs,” and it lets the masses rule.
  • In a democracy, it takes a long time to make a decision because there are long debates and talks in Parliament.
  • For a democratic society to work, every citizen needs to be self-disciplined, have a good conscience, and be smart.
  • Self-interest is the most common, and most people don’t want to put it behind what’s best for the group as a whole.
  • Critics have called democracy a “mobocracy” because it focuses on quantity rather than quality. This “rule of the majority” has sometimes been the worst and least useful thing.

What is Republican?

As their name suggests, Republicans want the government to be run like a republic. In 1854, the Republican Party was formed. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president. He was chosen by the Republican Party. In the 1870s, the party was called GOP, which most people knew to mean “Grand Old Party.”

The Republicans were founded to support a free market economy and fight against the Democratic Party’s agrarian views and support of slave labor. Since then, they have been linked to lowering taxes to boost the economy, getting rid of government rules, and having conservative social values.

The elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party. Some of the most well-known Republican presidents are Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and George Bush.

Advantages of Republican System of Government

  • The republican system of government is based on what the people say. In other words, people vote for representatives so that they can work for the good of everyone, and people vote directly for office holders.
  • A constitutional republican government means that everything that happens in the state follows the rules of the constitution.
  • By having representatives, laws can be made more quickly and better.
  • When people give power to representatives, they have a say in how their government works.
  • A republican system of government is democratic because rulers and officials get their power from being elected. Since the representatives work for the people, people can be voted out in this case.
  • When there is law and order in a republican system, the rights and freedoms of the people are safe.

Disadvantages of Republican System of Government

  • The cost of running a republican system can be high. Elections often take a lot of time, money, and other resources to run. This can hurt countries that are already struggling.
  • Republican government works best in small towns.
  • Laws made by the legislature have to go through set procedures before they can become law. As a result, following the rules of the constitution can take a lot of time.
  • People who are Republicans should not be very different from each other.
  • In a republican system, there can be a lot of competition between political parties for control of the higher levels of power, which can lead to serious disagreements.
  • People in a big, diverse republic might form factions or special interest groups, but they might work against each other instead of for the good of the whole.
  • In republics where most people don’t have a lot of education, politicians may use sweet words to trick the majority of the people into voting for them so they can get into power.

Key Difference between Democrats and Republicans

  • In 1828, the Democratic Party started, and in 1854, the Republican Party did.
    Since independence, the Democratic Party has had about 15 presidents and the Republican Party about 19.
  • People who vote for the Republican Party are older, while people who vote for the Democratic Party are younger.
  • Conservatives are Republicans’ voters, while liberals are Democrats’.
  • Red is the main color of republicans, while blue is the main color of democrats.
  • The donkey is the symbol of the Democrats, while the elephant is the symbol of the Republicans.
  • The Democratic Party was started by people who didn’t like the federal government. The Republican Party was started by people who didn’t like slavery and wanted to bring about change.
  • The number of people who belong to the Democratic Party is higher than that of the Republican Party.
  • Democrats are happy about same-sex marriage, while republicans are against it.
  • Democrats want the medical program for the elderly to be allowed, while republicans don’t want to hear about it.


  • Both parties want the United States to be a world leader.
  • Both sides want everyone in the world to live in peace.
  • Both of them want the US to get along well with other countries.
  • Both want the country and its people to do well.
  • Both are major parties in the United States.


As a party, the Democrats think that the Constitution is what makes America what it is. They believe in democracy and want to make it a better way to run the government. They want everyone to have the same rights under the law. What people believe in defines America. The Republicans think that America is a “blood and soil” nation. It is the land that Americans’ ancestors fought and died for. It is the land that they built with their blood and sweat, and they still believe in conservative ideas about society. They agree that the country should be a republic.