5 Difference Between Teal and Turquoise

The primary difference between teal and turquoise is that teal is slightly darker than turquoise, whereas turquoise is more closely related to blue than green.

Turquoise and teal are both bluish green colors in similar tones. Due to the difficulty in telling teal from turquoise, these two lovely hues frequently cause confusion. Therefore, knowing the precise shade’s name will enable you to locate and utilize it. In contrast to turquoise, which is the blue color of the turquoise gemstone, teal is closer to or is a medium blue-green color that is akin to cyan.

What Is Teal?

Turquoise vs Teal

The hue teal, which is a greenish-blue, is named for the Eurasian teal bird. It is easier for the eyes to look at because it is a darker shade of cyan with low saturation.

This lovely hue is frequently linked to tranquility and inner serenity. It combines the natural feeling of green with the regal feeling of blue.

Depending on the color’s makeup, teal comes in two varieties: teal blue and teal green.

There are many objects in your environment that are teal in color. For instance, you can find it on some ducks, some kingfisher birds, fungus, Ampelopsis Sinica fruit, dragonflies, many types of butterflies, and butterflies in general. Did you also know that some people have eyes that are turquoise in color?

To create this color, start with a white base and gradually add little amounts of blue and green pigment to achieve the desired shade.

What is Turquoise?

The color turquoise is a blue-to-green hue that takes its name from a natural mineral. Due to its extreme rarity, this material has been valued as a jewel.

Turquoise has a sense of vitality rather than calmness because it is a brighter hue than teal. In fact, some individuals hold the belief that turquoise gemstones are holy stones that bestow luck and happiness upon their owners.

In nature, turquoise is a rare color. It’s not as common as teal, though. The difficult to locate turquoise stone is the primary source of this color. Some lakes and oceans, though, might appear turquoise depending on the season.

This color must be blended with little amounts of blue, green, and yellow to give it its distinctive brilliance.

Key Differences Between Teal and Turquoise

  • Turquoise is a lighter shade of greenish-blue than teal, which is a dark version of the hue.
  • Teal color hues are darker than turquoise color hues, which are lighter.
  • While turquoise is connected with calmness, emotional balance, peace of mind, and mental clarity, teal is related with restfulness, mental balance, and spiritual balance.
  • Teal has the hexadecimal code #008080, while turquoise has #40E0D0.

Comparison Table: Teal Vs Turquoise

Category Teal Turquoise 
Definition Greenish-blue colorBlue-to-green color
GenderNeutral Female 
Hexadecimal Code#008080#40E0D0
Hue Dark Light 
Complementary ColorsMaroon and dark orangeTangerine and coral
SymbolizationTeal represents clarity of mind, rejuvenation, and peace of mind.Turquoise represents vitality, knowledge, joy, and freshness.


Is teal and turquoise the same?

Does teal resemble turquoise? No. Both colors have blue and green components, but turquoise is more brighter and even contains yellow components, whilst teal is darker and has lesser saturation.

Do turquoise and teal go together?

Teal and turquoise can look great together. The sea is connected to both of the two colors, which are relatives. While teal’s complexity can be calming and strongly reminiscent of the ocean’s depths, turquoise can offer a brighter, lighter touch.

What is difference between teal and aqua?

Teal is more greenish-blue and darker. A lighter shade of blue with some green, aqua. The center ground is where turquoise lies. Actually, they’re merely various shades of what is essentially the same color.

Is it teal blue or teal green?

Dark blue-green is the color teal. Its name is derived from the Eurasian teal (Anas crecca), a bird with a head stripe of a similar hue. The phrase is frequently used in slang to describe all cyan colorations.


Turquoise and teal are fantastic hues for spaces with neutral decor. However, teal is easier on the eyes and more palatable. An wonderful hue for upholstery is turquoise. Teal and turquoise colors are good choices if you want to decorate your coastal home.

The primary distinction between teal and turquoise is that the former is a darker shade of greenish-blue while the latter is a lighter shade.