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African Velvet Tamarind

6 Awesome Health Benefits of African Velvet Tamarind (Awin, Icheku and Tsamiyar kurm)

The black velvet tamarind fruit, also known as Dialium Guineense Wild, is one of the most popular fruits in West Africa and is consumed by people of all ages.

It is known as Awin by the Yoruba people, Icheku by the Igbo people, Tsamiyar kurm by the Hausa people, and Yooyi by the Ghanaians.

The Nigerian velvet tamarind is one of the fruits with the widest range of use throughout Nigeria and beyond. Its stem, bark, and seed can all be utilized for a variety of purposes, including culinary, medicinal, and traditional uses. Additionally, this fruit is a wonderful source of critical minerals such as sodium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C. It is also an excellent supplier of potassium and magnesium. As you read this text, you will also acquire knowledge concerning the nutrient content of African velvet tamarind.

African Velvet Tamarind

Nutrients of Black Velvet Tamarind

According to the Journal of Food Biochemistry, the seed and pulp of a black velvet tamarind contain the following components in their respective proportions:

  • Moisture 5.9 and 4.9
  • Organic matter 97.5 and 98.2
  • Dry matter 94.1 and 95.1
  • Crude protein 15.7 and 4.2
  • Crude fat 5.4 and 2.6
  • Ash 2.5 and 1.8
  • Crude fiber 6.6 and 2.2
  • Total carbohydrate 70.6 and 86.6
  • Ascorbic acid 6.4 and 35.7

Health Benefits of African Velvet Tamarind (Awin, Icheku and Tsamiyar kurm)

The following is a list of the benefits that African velvet tamarind has for one’s health:

1. African velvet tamarind Can Cure malaria

The research indicates that the extract from the leaf can prevent the growth of the parasite Plasmodium falciparum, which is responsible for malaria. As a result, consuming a mixture made from the leaf can treat the disease.

2. African velvet tamarind Can Treats Ulcer and Prevents Hypertension

The leaf extract of velvet tamarind has the capacity to promote gastric mucus secretion, which can assist in the alleviation of gastric ulcer symptoms. The leaves are also quite diuretic, which means that they encourage the production of urine. This makes it simpler for the heart to pump blood, which in turn lowers the chance of developing hypertension.

3. African velvet tamarind is full of Anti-inflammatory and Anti-microbial Properties

The fruit pulp contains abundant vitamin C which fights against microbial infections. The stem bark has the ability to reduce inflammation in bronchial tubes that arises due to bronchitis.

4. African velvet tamarind improves oral hygiene

The chewing stick, or indigenous tooth brush, is made from the stem of the plant, which contains saponin. Saponin has a cleaning effect on teeth and at the same time removes plaque and cavities from the teeth of users. In addition, the decoction made from the stem bark is utilized to treat.

5. African velvet tamarind relieves menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps were a typical complaint among women when they were experiencing their periods. They typically take some sort of analgesic medication in order to alleviate the cramping. Do you not know, however, that black velvet tamarind can actually give you with a natural source of analgesics? Well, one of the health benefits of black velvet tamarind is that it has considerable analgesic to ease aches, especially the discomfort that is experienced during menstruation. This is just one of the many ways that black velvet tamarind can improve your health.

6. African velvet tamarind boosts immune system

In order for the health benefits of black velvet tamarind to be realized, an antioxidant that is combined with vitamin C is the optimal combo. This combination is quite beneficial to our efforts to strengthen our immune system. Therefore, consumption of black velvet tamarind over an extended period of time at the recommended intake will guarantee protection against microbial and fungal infection over an extended period of time.

Black Velvet Tamarind and Pregnancy

Is it safe for a pregnant lady to take  (Awin, Icheku and Tsamiyar kurm)?

Even though there aren’t many research to back this up, one report reveals that velvet tamarind is beneficial for a pregnant lady as the fruit contains an antiabortifacient component. This is despite the fact that there aren’t many studies to back this up. This indicates that it has the potential to help prevent spontaneous abortions.

It is possible that taking it in the early stages of pregnancy will assist the pregnancy get stronger. The Awin fruit is rich in vitamin A, which is a nutrient that is beneficial during pregnancy.


Indeed, velvet tamarind is a fruit native to Nigeria that is both healthy and nutritious. Despite the fact that it contains a significant amount of sugar.

Consuming velvet tamarind in its raw form or incorporating it into a dish is the most nutritious way to enjoy this fruit.

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