7 Best Nigerian Dinner Ideas and Recipes

White rice and Sauce or stew

Nigeria as a country is blessed with not only mineral resources but also healthy dishes. Let’s have a conversation about contemporary Nigerian cuisine and figure out which dishes are the most sought for when it comes to planning a dinner menu.

This list is based on what most people like to eat for dinner, since different people like different things.

The last meal of the day for the average Nigerian is eba and soup. This is because most people think that eba and soup are easy to make and always fairly cheap.

Most homes in Nigeria have soup in the freezer. There were lots of bowls of different soups waiting to be served at the table.

Soups are sometimes left in the freezers while other foods are served, like jollof rice, porridge yam, or beans porridge.

Most people say that the food served at night in Nigerian homes depends a lot on how much the family knows about health and how much money they have.

The wealthier families can make meal plans and schedules and have the chef or cook follow them.

Nigerian families that care about their health stick to Nigerian dinner recipes that are light and healthy.

7 Best Nigerian Dinner Ideas and Recipes

1. Porridge Beans

nigerian Porridge Beans

It does not matter if we refer to them as beans or black-eyed peas; they are the same thing. A common evening dish in Nigeria is a porridge made of ripe plantains and beans, which many Nigerians prepare in their homes.

You may also choose to fry the plantain in a separate pan if you so like.

2. Jollof rice

nigerian Jollof rice

Nigerians love to eat meat and rice for dinner, and this is another one of their favorite dishes. This dish is usually made for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays and special events. Different tribes from all over the country like it a lot. You mix chicken with seasonal cubes, vegetables, tomato stew, and rice, cook the dish, and serve it to your family, friends, or party guests.

3. Tea and Bread

Tea and Bread

There are millions of people in Nigeria who eat bread and tea for dinner, despite the fact that the majority of people in Nigeria consume bread and tea for breakfast.

If you are looking for Nigerian supper ideas that are on the lighter side, a combination of tea and bread, porridge beans and pap, or both would be enough.

4. Plantain porridge

Plantain porridge

In addition to being one of the most popular breakfasts in Nigeria, this porridge is quite simple to prepare. It has a lot of different vitamins, and eating it in the evening will help you feel full. By the way, plantains have a high level of popularity in Nigeria due to the fact that this food item can be prepared in a wide variety of dishes and that a large number of delicious recipes are common knowledge throughout the country.

To make the most mouthwatering plantain porridge ever, all you need is some unripe plantains, onions, ugwu leaves, pepper, a seasoning cube or two, your favorite spices, and fish. To produce a nutritious porridge, boil plantains and other vegetables together, and then stir in fish at the very end. When it’s done, you’re going to think this dish is amazing.

5. Porridge Yam

Porridge Yam

A lot of Nigerians eat yam porridge for dinner. You could add veggies if you prefer.

In Nigeria, we always make yam porridge and eat it for dinner.

6. Spaghetti and Beef Stew

Spaghetti and Beef Stew

This is a popular Nigerian dish that you can eat in many different ways, depending on how you feel. Spaghetti, which is often just called spaghetti, is a European dish that Nigerians have made their own and put on the menus of most restaurants and at home.

People often fall head over heels in love with spaghetti and say they’ll love it forever as they eat it with beef stew. This is one of the easiest Nigerian meal recipes you will find. It comes to life when you boil the spaghetti and cook the stew. Spaghetti and beef stew is a tasty dish that you should try.

7. White rice and Sauce or stew

White rice and Sauce or stew

White rice that has been boiled and is served with a sauce made from vegetables. You could also serve Banga stew or tomato stew with white rice.

In Nigeria, this is a very popular dinner idea.


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