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Aju Mbaise: Health Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Aju Mbaise is a mixture of five different plants, including ginger, uda, and uziza, that consists of their bark, leaves, and roots. This herb is native to Mbaise, a village in Imo State, Nigeria, and is widely consumed for its various health benefits. It is used to make pepper soup and other herbal remedies. The herb is particularly popular among new mothers and women looking to lose weight, which is why it is often packaged as a “slim tea” product.

The Aju Mbaise herb comes in a bundled form, with the leaves, bark, and roots of five different plants, including ginger and uda, all tied together with sticks. The herb is boiled in water to create a concoction with a bitter-sharp taste and inviting aroma. The water can be consumed as a tea or used in cooking. Some people choose to add additional ingredients to improve the taste. The tea is often consumed by new mothers and those looking to lose weight.

Nutritional and Phytochemical Properties of Aju Mbaise

A study performed in 2019 analyzed the phytochemical composition of the ethanol extract of Aju Mbaise. The results showed that the herbal decoction contained high levels of various phytochemicals, including alkaloids (8.69%), flavonoids (19.10%), glycosides (6.86%), hydrogen cyanide (0.92%), phenols (31.56%), saponins (0.83%), steroids (0.94%), tannins (16.80%), and terpenoids (14.31%).

In this article, we will be exploring the various health benefits of Aju Mbaise, so that you can understand the potential gains from taking this herb.

Health Benefits of Aju Mbaise

Health Benefits of Aju Mbaise
1. Aju Mbaise for Post-Pregnancy Care

Aju Mbaise is a popular choice for new mothers due to its ability to help them recover from pregnancy. It replenishes lost nutrients, reduces stomach bloating, boosts milk production, and regulates the menstrual cycle. A 2016 study even found that it can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in nursing mothers.

2. Aju Mbaise for Weight Loss

This herb is effective in aiding weight loss, especially in reducing belly fat, as it converts fats into acids for easy removal and boosts metabolism. It works for both men and women.

3. Balancing Menstruation For women who experience irregular periods

Aju Mbaise can help regulate and even out their menstrual cycle, reducing pain during menstruation as well.

4. Cleansing the Womb

Aju Mbaise can be used to flush the womb after childbirth, miscarriage, or abortion, reducing the size of the womb and preventing complications during future conceptions.

5. Treating Fibroids and Tumors

Women may also consume Aju Mbaise to reduce the size and discomfort caused by early stage fibroids or tumors.

6. Boosting Fertility

Aju Mbaise can enhance fertility in women by cleaning and preparing the womb for pregnancy.

Side Effects of Aju Mbaise

The dangers associated with consuming Aju Mbaise are limited. Expectant mothers are encouraged to avoid the herb as it increases the likelihood of losing the pregnancy and causing birth defects in their babies. Nursing mothers should also restrict their consumption of the herb as it can impact the weight of their infant. A few typical side-effects of the herb include feeling faint or dizzy when taken in excess and increased hunger. Ultimately, it is important to consume the herb in moderation to avoid any adverse effects.

What is the content of Aju Mbaise?

Aju Mbaise is a mixture of the bark, leaves, and roots of five different plants, including ginger, uda (Negro pepper), and uziza. It contains various phytochemicals such as alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, hydrogen cyanide, phenols, saponins, steroids, tannins, and terpenoids. The exact composition of phytochemicals in Aju Mbaise may vary depending on the sources used to prepare it.

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