Can Salt And Water Prevent Pregnancy?

salt and water
salt and water

“Can salt and water prevent pregnancy?” is a frequently asked question among females. Many women are interested in alternative contraceptive techniques. However, before you decide to try such approaches, you need to first determine whether they work and whether they are safe to use. We have compiled the most recent information about natural ways to prevent pregnancy using salt water in this post. 

So, what do you need to know about salt and water and their impact on pregnancy prevention? 

salt and water
Can Salt And Water Prevent Pregnancy?

Can Salt And Water Prevent Pregnancy?

Many people are interested in learning how to avoid pregnancy. It’s sad that some people still listen to so-called “experts” who recommend techniques other than licensed drugs or government-approved contraception to avoid conception. One way suggested is to swallow a water and salt mix. Is salt capable of preventing pregnancy? No, it does not. Neither salt nor water can prevent pregnancy. Furthermore, drinking a salt solution does not even reach the reproductive system.

There have also been reports of salt being used successfully to prevent conception. They should not be taken seriously. 

Risks of Drinking Salt Water

Is salt effective in preventing pregnancy? No, it does not. This is not to say that drinking salty solutions is not harmful to one’s health. Drinking salty water on a frequent basis will almost likely result in hypertension. It also raises the likelihood of having poor blood pressure control. Furthermore, excessive salt consumption is damaging to your kidneys.

What is the only way to 100% prevent a pregnancy?

  • The use of condoms.
  • The use of spermicides.
  • Insertion of the intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD).
  • Bilateral tubal ligation.
  • The use hormonal injectables.
  • Oral contraceptive pills


Andrew liver salt will not prevent pregnancy. It is neither a spermicide nor a form of contraception. It is an antacid and a laxative substitute. It does not have any contraceptive or spermicide characteristics. As a result, Andrew liver salt will not wash out sperm after intercourse.