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Cleaning BP Cuffs Between Patients

Blood pressure cuff is a technical equipment used to measure a blood pressure. In order to stop the flow of blood in your artery, the cuff will first be wrapped around your upper arm and then inflated. Your doctor will listen to the sound of the blood pulsing through the artery while the cuff is being progressively deflated using a stethoscope. A gauge that is attached to the cuff will register these sounds as they are pumped. The systolic blood pressure is the one that is recorded when your doctor hears the initial sound of the heart pounding, and the diastolic pressure is recorded when the doctor hears the last sound.

BP Cuffs

If it is used according to the instructions on the label, this device meets the American Heart Association’s recommendations for the ratio of cuff width to arm circumference. If used outside of the index line or range marking parameters, accuracy may be affected.

  1. Read blood pressure monitor’s instruction prior to use.
  2. Select the correct blood pressure cuff based upon limb circumference.
  3. Apply the cuff to the selected limb area.
  4. Properly align the cuff artery markings and snugly secure/ fasten the cuff.
  5. If the cuff markings are out of index range, choose a larger or smaller cuff as required.

It is necessary to dispose of the cuff if it is found to be grossly contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids.

Cleaning Instructions

 For normal cleaning with mild detergents or a diluted bleach solution (1-2%), wipe the cuff with the solution, rinse with water, and dry.

Disinfecting Instructions

Using a disinfecting solution such as Enzol, Cidezyme, Cidex, Sporicidin, Isopropyl Alcohol (70%), or Ethanol (70%), wipe or spray the cuff and allow to stand for approximately one minute. Rinse well with water and dry.

Note: If the cuff is submerged in the disinfecting solution, the fittings should be capped to prevent liquid from getting inside the cuff.
Statcorp Medical denies any liability that may arise from the unauthorized use of this product.

CAUTION: Statcorp Medical does not recommend reprocessing or sterilization of any of our products. Statcorp makes no guarantees to the safety and efficacy of the products when these procedures are used and any stated warranty is voided. Please use the cleaning instructions outlined above.

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