Creativity vs. Innovation: What’s the difference?

“Creativity” and “innovation” are two words that come up a lot in the business world. They are used in brainstorming sessions, official meetings, and company mission statements.

Even though people often use these words interchangeably, which is a common practice these days. These two words mean different things, and it can be confusing when people start to think that they mean the same thing when they don’t.

The article goes into detail about the differences between creativity and innovation in business and in general. Let’s figure out now:

What Is Creativity?


Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas, options, solutions, and opportunities in a unique and different way.

Creativity is the ability to come up with something unexpected, new, and different. It needs to be clear, interesting, and creative. It is a reflection of how well a person can think in any situation.

It’s not something you’re born with, but you can get it if you keep learning and understanding things in a unique way. Creativity is a kind of mind-blogging and brainstorming where a person has to think beyond his imagination to come up with something useful. It is the act of revealing something that was hidden before.

What is innovation?


Innovation is the process of putting something new into use. Innovation in business means making a new or better product, service, or process. It could be a new technology, a new product line, a new way to make something, a new business model, or even a better version of something that already exists.

Without creativity, you can’t come up with new ideas. So, these two ideas are linked by their very nature. Also, innovation and invention are not the same thing. To come up with an invention, you have to make something that has never been made before. But innovation can also mean just making a product or technology better than it was before. Innovation is a key driver of growth and change in the business world. Without new ideas, it’s impossible for a business to grow. Also, innovation can be measured in different ways than creativity.

Relationship Between Innovation and Creativity

  • Both also require a lot of imagination.
  • Without creativity, you can’t be innovative, so these two ideas are closely related.

Comparison Chart (Creativity Vs Innovation)

It is the art of coming up with new ideas, solutions, and options.It’s the process of putting something new and useful on the market.
Try to be imaginativeTry to be productive
Not quantifiableTry to be quantifiable
Related to thinking something newRelated to introducing something new
Does not involve the use of moneyTry to involve the use of money
Try to be risk-freeTry to be risky to venture into the new idea

KEY Differences Between Creativity and Innovation

  • Having ideas for new things is called creativity, while making those ideas a reality is called innovation.
  • The Latin word “Creo,” which means “to make,” is where the word “creativity” comes from. On the other hand, the word “innovation” comes from the Latin word “Innovationem,” which means “noun for the action”
  • To be creative, you have to think of new things or ideas that aren’t common. On the other hand, the process of putting these ideas into practice is called innovation.
  • If someone made something that didn’t exist before, they are said to have created it. In other cases, it is fine to say that someone has made an innovation if they have made certain improvements to something that already existed.
  • Since it’s just an idea right now, there’s no chance of taking a creative risk. When it comes to innovation, the fact that it has already become a reality from an idea can be a risk.


For a business to last, it needs to be creative and innovative. But in the beginning, these two terms tend to cause a lot of disagreements.

Getting a handle on the differences between creativity and innovation, as shown above, will help to settle some of these business disputes.