Crips and Bloods: What’s the difference?

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Crips gang was established in Los Angeles, California, USA. In order to fight the growing dominance of the Crips, lesser street gangs came together to establish the Bloods. The Piru Street Boys were the primary group that made up the Bloods.

Due to the youth of the group’s members, Raymond Washington named the gang Baby Avenues or Avenue Cribs. The gang initially spread the idea that it wished to keep outsiders out of their neighborhood, but this pretense quickly vanished and the gang became openly involved in a variety of criminal acts, such as robberies, killings, drug selling, etc. In order to safeguard his and Stanley Williams’ spheres of influence, Raymond Washington brought together his gang and those on the east and west sides of Los Angeles. Washington detested firearms and sought to settle any disputes by hand-to-hand combat. However, as more and more neighborhood gangs joined in to become Crips, one of the biggest street gang affiliations, his power waned until he was ultimately assassinated in 1979. The majority of the gang members were African Americans, and they had a special fondness for the color blue in their clothing.

As other gangs rose in size, the Crips started to target them. Some of the non-Crip gangs came together during this time to form an alliance. The Pirus, or Piru Street Boys, were the most prominent among them. This collaboration gave rise to the group that became known as the Bloods. When dressing to distinguish themselves, the Bloods have a special love for the color red. Sets became the term used to refer to the lesser gangs affiliated with the alliance. In a few years, the effect extended throughout the entire country. The United Bloods Nation, or UBN, and its sets on the eastern coast quickly came to be known simply as Bloods.

Crips and Bloods

What are Crips?

Southern California was the birthplace of the Crips gang in 1969. Stanley Williams and Raymond Washington founded it. With the United States serving as its territory, it typically includes individuals of African American heritage. Their dress code is in the color blue.

One of the most violent street gangs operating in the US today is thought to be the Crips. They have a sizable membership, between 30,000 and 35,000, and engage in a wide range of illegal activities, including robberies, murders, drug selling, gambling, and many more.

The original goal of the Raymond Washington-founded gang was to defend the neighborhood from outside influence and threat. However, as time went on, this adage began to lose its meaning and the gang started dealing with criminal activity more frequently. Then came the time when Washington combined his gang with Williams’, which was from both the east and west of Los Angeles. They banded together to defend their respective spheres of influence.

At first, no weapons were used in the battles. However, as neighborhood gangs merged to grow the Crips and give them greater strength, the battles began to focus more on gunfire.

Who are Bloods?

Street gangs came together to form the Bloods gang, which was led by Piru street boys. Its purpose was to speak out against the growing power of crips.

It was started in Los Angeles, California, in the middle of 1972. Red is the color of their identity dress code. As additional gang emblems, they have hand signs.

It is thought that they have between 20,000 and 25,000. They engage in a variety of crimes, including murder, robbery, and drug peddling.

African Americans make up the majority of the group’s members, although there are also Latinos, Whites, and Asian Americans. The typical age range for this group is 15 to 30 years.

There isn’t a designated leader for the gang. It is separated into sets, each of which has a hierarchical leadership structure.

Key Difference between Crips and Bloods

  • The Bloods gang was established to counter the growing dominance of the Crips, whereas the Crips gang was established to achieve power.
  • In 1969, Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams established the Crips gang. The Piru street guys led a group of local street gangs that came together to form the Bloods gang in the middle of 1972.
  • As a means of identification, the Bloods wear red while the Crips wear blue.
  • The membership of the Bloods is between 20,000 and 25,000, compared to between 30,000 and 35,000 for the Crips.
  • The US is under the rule of the Crips, while the US and Canada are under the power of the Bloods.
  • The Crips are a group of African Americans. Although there are also a lot of Latinos, white people, and Asian Americans among the Bloods, African Americans make up the majority of the group.

Similarities between Crips and Bloods

  • Both of them were founded in Los Angeles, California.
  • Both participate in illegal activity.
  • Both are dominant in the US.
  • Both are primarily made up of people of African descent.


What are Bloods vs Crips?

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Crips gang was established in Los Angeles, California, USA. In order to fight the growing dominance of the Crips, lesser street gangs came together to establish the Bloods. The Piru Street Boys were the primary group that made up the Bloods.

Are Crips and Bloods still active?

An mostly African American street gang called The Bloods was established in Los Angeles, California. The gang’s feud with the Crips is well-known.

What do Crips stand for?

The abbreviation “Crips” is said to stand for “Community Revolution in Progress.” The Black Panther movement gave rise to the Crips gang, which had its start in Los Angeles in 1969.

What does Bloods stand for?

Bloods, according to popular belief, is an acronym for “Brotherly Love Overcomes Overrides and Destruction.” But given that they were originally a counter-Crip coalition, the Bloods probably got their name from a 1960s slang term for a fellow (young) black person called blood, short for blood brother.

What are the Bloods 31 rules?

The “31” UBN rules are 31 in number. Rule examples include: Individual gang members are expected to act and behave in accordance with “The 31″‘s guidelines; there are established processes for dealing with violations or disciplinary actions; “Snitching,” or collaborating with law authorities, is categorically forbidden.

What day is Crip day?

3 of December


Crips was formed in 1969 by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams deciding to join their gangs. Piru Street Boys, the dominant gang in Bloods, came together to form the group as a response to the advent of the Crips.

Bloods associate themselves with the color red, while Crip gang members wear blue clothes.

The conflict between these gangs first centered on who would rule the areas, but it is now more about gaining control over criminal and illegal activity.