7 Difference Between Bavarian Cream And Boston Cream with example

What is the difference between Bavarian cream and Boston cream? The main difference between Boston cream and Bavarian cream is that Boston cream is smooth and creamy, while Bavarian cream is usually more solid.

What Is A Bavarian Cream?

Bavarian Cream

Bavarian cream is a dessert made of whipped cream mixed into milk that has been thickened with eggs and gelatin or isinglass. The mixture sets in a cold mold, and to serve, the mold is taken off. Bavarian creams can be flavored with chocolate, coffee, fruits, and other things. They are usually made into fancy shapes and decorated with fruits and sweet sauces. It can be served with a fruit sauce, raspberry or apricot puree, or it can be used to make charlottes that are very fancy. The origin of Bavarian cream is France.

What Is a Boston Cream?

Boston Cream

Boston cream is a new version of an old American dessert called pudding-cake pie. It has been known for a long time as a classic American dessert, which is how it should be. It was first made at the Parker House Hotel in Boston in the 1800s. Boston cream is a beautiful cake made with two layers of moist, spongy butter cake, a thick layer of vanilla custard in the middle, and a thick layer of rich chocolate ganache on top. Unlike many other cakes, the layers of this one are visible, giving it a rough, country look.

The Difference Bavarian Cream And Boston Cream

PropertiesBavarian CreamBoston Cream
DefinitionIt is a whipped cream that is a dessert of custard and other flavorings.It is a yeast-risen, solid donut with vanilla filling and chocolate icing.
OriginFranceUnited States
NatureIt is more solid in texture.  
It takes on a creamy nature; it does not have a solid texture.  
Alternative NamesCrème bavarois and Bavarois.Boston cream pie donut and Boston cream pie doughnut.
Common  Ingredients
It uses heavy cream and whipped cream.
It mainly uses milk and eggs and is a sort of custard.
Main IngredientsIt uses pastry cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla bean and gelatin as the main ingredient.  It uses dough, cornstarch, sugar, eggs, whipped cream and chocolate icing as the main ingredient.
Setting AgentGelatinCornstarch
Served withGenerally served with fruit puree, raspberry or fruit sauce.It is served mostly with chocolate.  
StateUnknownNew England


The texture is the main difference between Boston cream and Bavarian cream. Aside from that, you can tell them apart by what they come with when they are served.