5 Difference between 7Up and Sprite with example

What’s the difference between 7Up and Sprite? The most important difference between Sprite and 7UP is that Sprite is made with sodium salt and 7UP is made with potassium salt.

7Up and Sprite

Comparison Table (7Up Vs Sprite)

Properties7Up Sprite
ParentPepsi Cola company makes 7UP.The Coca-Cola company makes Sprite.
Origin7UP was first sold in the United StatesSprite was sold for the first time in Germany
CarbonationHigher carbonationLess carbonation
Popularity7UP is more popular in AsiaSprite is the most popular soda in America and Europe
Market ShareLessHigh
Main SaltUses potassium as the proper salt in its formulaUses sodium as the proper salt in its formula


There aren’t any big differences between Sprite and 7Up when it comes to nutrition. The main difference is that Sprite has 20 mg more sodium than Coke. We can guess that most people won’t choose 7Up over Sprite just because it has 20mg less sodium.

Serving Size12 fl oz (1 Can)12 fl oz (1 Can)
Total Fat00
Total Carbohydrate38g39g
Total Sugars38g38g
CaffeineNo CaffeineNo Caffeine

What is 7UP?

7UP drinks

Sprite is much younger than 7Up. Charles Leiper Grigg, who made it, put it out on the market in 1929. Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda was its original name. Lithium citrate, a mood stabilizer, was in the soda until about 1948, when rules said it had to be taken out. But the soda was marketed with lithium in it before it was taken out, and at least part of its early success was due to that. The name of the company was changed to 7Up in 1939. No one really knows what “7Up” stands for because the person who came up with the name never talked about it in public. Keurig Dr Pepper owns the 7Up brand right now. This soda is sold in bottles by Pepsi outside of the United States.

What Is Sprite?


The Coca-Cola Company is the owner of the Sprite product. Sprite comes from Europe, while Coca-Cola is an American company. In Germany, Sprite was first sold as Clear Lemon Fanta when it came out in 1959. Keep in mind that Fanta was made by a German worker at a Coca-Cola bottling plant during World War II, when the war made it impossible to make Coke. Sprite didn’t come to the U.S. until 1961. Once it did, it quickly became a popular soda. Sprite is still one of Coca-most Cola’s popular brands.

The Differences between 7Up and Sprite

  • Parent: The Coca-Cola company makes Sprite, and the Pepsi Cola company makes 7UP.
  • Introduction: Sprite was introduced in the market in 1960 while 7UP was introduced in the market in 1929
  • Main Salt: Sprite uses sodium as the first salt in its formula, while 7UP uses potassium as the first salt.
  • Origin: 7UP was first sold in the United States, and Sprite was sold for the first time in Germany.
  • Carbonation: Sprite has less carbonation than 7UP.
  • Popularity: Sprite is the most popular soda in America and Europe, while 7UP is more popular in Asia.


The biggest difference between 7Up and Sprite is that Pepsi owns 7Up and Coca-Cola owns Sprite. Sprite is popular in Africa, Europe, and the United States, while 7up is popular in Asia. Sprite and 7up have a few things in common, like the fact that they are both clear.