Difference Between Left Twix and Right Twix

Twix are enrobed in chocolate with caramel sauce and a crunchy cookie inside. As a result, it’s both sweet and crispy. The Left Twix is chocolate-covered with cascading caramel and has a crispy cookie within, making it both sweet and crunchy.

So, what is the distinction between left and right Twix? A chocolate-enrobed left Twix with drizzled caramel and a crunchy cookie within. A proper Twix, on the other hand, is encased in chocolate and filled with cascaded caramel and a crispy cookie.


Twix is a chocolate bar with caramel shortbread. It is made up of a biscuit that has been layered with different confectionaries and coatings. They are manufactured by Mars Inc. and come in wrappers containing one, two, or four bars. Twix was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1967 as Raider, but it was renamed Twix in America in 1979. Twix is thought to be derived from the words ‘twin’ and’mix’ or ‘twin’ and’stix,’ referring to its pair of bars and mixture of ingredients.

Twix are manufactured in two varieties: right and left. Right and Left Twix are immensely popular among individuals of all ages in America. As a marketing approach, Mars launched a campaign in 2012 in which buyers were asked to choose between the Right and Left Twix. The ads are still active and have resulted in a significant increase in sales for the company. But what is the distinction between the two? Let us investigate.

What Is Right Twix?

Right Twix

The right Twix has two crunchy wafer sticks in the middle and is a candy bar with caramel and chocolate on either side. So it’s like a Twix, but instead of two chocolate biscuits, it has these salty and delicious small crispy wafers.

A crispy cookie in the middle of a chocolate bar called a Right Twix makes it richer and crunchier by cascading caramel over it. The right Twix was identified on the red label by the white writing. Because it was made using high-quality components, it is wonderful!

Features of Right Twix

  • The Right Twix has less caramel than the Left Twix, and the middle of the cookie is a little bit darker.
  • It is produced in North America by Mars Company. On the red label, The Right Twix is inscribed in white.
  • Because it is produced with top-notch ingredients, it tastes fantastic.

What Is Left Twix?

Mars’ Left Twix bar is known for its exquisite high-quality chocolate. The exterior of the center is covered in chocolate, while the interior is adorned with creamy cream and caramel drizzlings. Because it has a crunchier biscuit than its counterpart, it is crispier and sweeter. On a white label, “left Twix” is written in red.

Features of Left Twix

  • It has a thicker layer of caramel on top and a softer cookie to soak it up.
  • It is produced in North America by Mars Company.
  • On the white label, the word Left Twix is inscribed in red.
  • Due to the use of higher-quality components, it also tastes sweet.

Key Difference Between Left and Right Twix

  • The right Twix is covered in chocolate with caramel drizzle, while the left Twix is covered in chocolate with caramel dripping from the sides.
  • While the left Twix has crunchy cookies within, the right Twix has crispy cookies.
  • While the right Twix has less caramel, the left Twix has more.
  • The cookie within the left Twix is lighter than the cookie inside the right Twix.
  • Right Twix has a red label with white RIGHT writing, whereas left Twix has a white label with red LEFT text.


What distinguishes Left Twix from Right Twix? The former is a candy bar made of chocolate with a layer of drizzled caramel on top. The latter is a candy bar with a cascading caramel layer that is covered in chocolate.