15 Difference Between State and Federal Prison with example

What is the difference between federal prisons and state prisons? The main difference between them is that a federal prison is run by the country’s central government, while a state prison is run by the government of the state where it is located.

State and Federal Prison

Comparison Table (Federal Prison vs State Prison)

PropertiesState prisonsFederal Prison
ExampleRobbers, thieves, and fraudsters.murderers, rapists, and traitors.
SafetyLess safe.There is more security in federal prisons.
Level of banThose who have only been banned for a short time are kept in state prisons.People who have been banned for a long time are sent to federal prison.
Level of crimepeople who do less bad things stay in state prisons.People who do very bad things end up in federal prisons.
ManagementManaged by State Authorities.Managed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons which is a federal law enforcement agency under department of justice.
Number of criminalsLess criminals.More criminals.
SecurityRelatively high security but not as federal prisons.Relatively High Security.
Number of PrisonsMany in number (1719 in number).Fewer in number (122 in number).

What is a Federal Prison?

These kinds of prisons are run by the main government of the country and are thought to be safer than other prisons because of this. There are many other things that need to be taken into account, such as the fact that people who have committed serious crimes or who have been in jail for a long time end up in these prisons. For these kinds of prisons, there is more money and there are different levels of security. Compared to other prisons, there aren’t as many criminals here. Only people who have broken the law in this country are sent here. If they have killed and raped people as part of a serious crime, they could be sent to federal prisons. In the United States, there aren’t as many federal prisons, but criminals who are sent here don’t have to deal with problems like bullying. Most people have access to their basic rights and prefer to stay in these prisons, no matter how long or short their sentences are.

What is State Prison?

People who have committed less serious offenses are housed in these prisons, which are managed by the state governments. These are crimes like bank fraud, robbery, theft, and others that are similar and don’t have long sentences. So, criminals are kept in jails in their own state and are let out when their time is up. The Texas State Prison is thought to be the worst in the United States because of the kind of people who live there. In these prisons, people have to deal with problems like bullying. There is also less money for these prisons, and there are not as many facilities. People who stay here are usually fined for a few weeks to a year or more, but not for a long time. If a prisoner is dangerous or causes trouble for others, they can always be moved to a federal prison with the permission of the state government and have to serve their time in a separate cell.

The Differences between Federal Prison and State Prison

  • Management: ┬áState Authorities are in charge of running state prisons, while the federal government is in charge of running federal prisons.
  • Number: There are more state prisons than federal prisons around the world.
  • Number of criminals: When compared to federal prisons, there are more criminals in state prisons.
  • Level of security: In federal prisons, there is more security, while in state prisons, security is not as high.
  • Level of crimes: People who do very bad things end up in federal prisons, while people who do less bad things stay in state prisons.
  • Level of ban: People who have been banned for a long time are sent to federal prison, while those who have only been banned for a short time are kept in state prisons.
  • Safety: State prisons are seen as less safe than federal prisons in terms of security.
  • Example: Robbers, thieves, and fraudsters are examples of criminals in state prisons, while murderers, rapists, and traitors are examples of criminals in federal prisons.


Both state and federal prisons make sure that prisoners do their time and do what is right. These prisons make sure that criminals get the right punishments and that crime doesn’t happen. Some prisons do have problems, but they are working to fix them.

There are also a number of other kinds of prisons. When a prisoner’s sentence is over, he or she is set free. These prisons do their best to punish and rehabilitate the prisoners, which helps to cut down on crime in their areas.