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DIscharge Smells Like Sperm Sign Of Early Pregnancy | 7 Common Causes

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy, which is a lovely journey. Early in a pregnancy, many women experience unusual symptoms, which can occasionally be confusing or cause questions. A possible question is, “Does discharge smelling like sperm indicate early pregnancy?”

Well, it’s hard to say because vaginal discharge can smell in a variety of ways, and each smell has a specific connotation. If a man had ejaculated into the vagina, the vaginal discharge would smell like sperm. Any remaining semen will discharge from the body after sexual activity.

You must check yourself if you haven’t had sex but your discharge smells like semen.

Am I pregnant If my discharge smells like sperm?

Thick or milky discharge is one of the early pregnancy symptoms, often occurring around the time of a missed period. This type of discharge, known as leukorrhea, is normal during the early stages of pregnancy. It is primarily caused by the body’s increasing and fluctuating estrogen levels.

It is important to understand that this thick, milky discharge is not the same as sperm and should not be confused with male discharge. A healthy vaginal discharge is called leukorrhea in early pregnancy, and it usually has a mild or no odor. As a result, sperm-smelling discharge may not actually indicate early pregnancy. During this stage of pregnancy, most discharges are odorless.

What are some common causes of smelly discharge?

common causes of smelly discharge

The following are some of the causes of smelly discharge in various parts of the body.

Sexually transmitted infections

Some sexually transmitted infections (STIs) cause unusual genital discharge. Antibiotics may be prescribed by a doctor to treat bacterial or parasitic STIs, and antiviral medications may be prescribed to treat viral STIs.

STIs that can cause smelly discharge include the following:

Bacterial vaginosis

The most typical vaginal condition affecting females of reproductive age is bacterial vaginosis (BV). It is caused by an unbalanced ratio of harmful and beneficial bacteria in the vagina.

Foreign object in the vagina

A tampon that was left inside the vagina or another foreign object can cause a foul odor.

A person can remove the object themselves if it is not fragile and there are no other symptoms. A doctor should instead.

Anal fistula

An anal fistula may cause odorous discharge from the anus area. This is a tiny channel that has developed between the skin and the end of the bowel close to the anus.


Trimethylaminuria is an inherited condition that causes rotting fish odor.

Trimethylaminuria is the inability to break down trimethylamine, a strong-smelling compound. As a result, trimethylamine is released by the body in sweat, urine, genital discharge, and breath.


Anyone with a strange or repulsive discharge coming from any part of their body should see a doctor.

The main factor is frequently an infection. Depending on the type, the doctor might suggest antibiotics, antifungal medications, or antiviral medications.

If the infection is spread sexually, the person’s partners may also require medical attention.

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