Do Twisted Teas Expire?

Expiration Date On Twisted Tea Bottle

Do Twisted Teas Expire?

Yes, twisted teas can expire. They usually have an expiration date that is about two years from when they were made. It’s best to drink the tea within one year after opening the can. If you wait longer, the tea’s taste may not be as good, and it won’t be as refreshing.

Is The Expiration Date On Bottle?

Expiration Date On Twisted Tea Bottle

If you look at the back of any Twisted Tea bottle, you’ll see an expiration date printed on it. This date tells you when the tea may not taste as fresh anymore. It’s better to drink the tea before the expiration date, but you can still drink it after that. Just check the expiration date to decide if you want to drink it or not.

How Long Does Twisted Tea Last?

If we’re talking about the bottled kind: The “best by” date on the bottle is usually one year from when it was made. However, you can still drink unopened Twisted Tea after that date. Once you open it, though, you should drink it within a few months.

What Kind of Alcohol Is in Twisted Tea?

Twisted Tea has different flavors, but they all contain alcohol. The amount of alcohol varies depending on the flavor, but it’s usually around 5%.

How Strong Is Twisted Tea?

Twisted Tea is an alcoholic drink with different flavors. The alcohol content in Twisted Tea ranges from 4.5% to 6%. Depending on the size of the can and the amount of alcohol, one can of Twisted Tea can make you feel buzzed.

If you drink a 12 oz can of Twisted Tea, it’s like having about 3 to 4 regular beers to feel buzzed. A 24 oz can is like having about 6 to 8 regular beers, and a 40 oz bottle is like having about 10 to 12 regular beers to feel buzzed.

Does Bottled Tea Have An Expiration Date?

Many people don’t know that bottled tea has an expiration date. Like other foods and drinks, tea can go bad too, so it’s essential to be aware of when that happens. The good thing is that tea usually lasts a long time and doesn’t go bad quickly like some other things.

Here are some things to remember about the expiration dates of bottled tea:

  • If stored properly, tea can last for several years, but its quality might start to decline after a year or two.
  • If you notice any mold on your tea, throw it away right away. Mold can make you sick if you eat or drink it.
  • Once you open bottled tea, try to finish it within a few days for the best taste and quality.

So, yes, bottled tea does have an expiration date, but it’s usually longer than many people think. Remember these tips to enjoy your tea at its best!


Twisted Teas are yummy and refreshing drinks that are great for any time. They not only taste good but also last a long time if stored properly. You can keep Twisted Teas for up to two years, so it’s a good idea to get some for yourself!

These drinks have become very popular lately, and now you know when they expire. Get a pack of Twisted Teas and start enjoying this fantastic drink today!


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