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Yam Pottage

10 Healthy Vegan Foods In Nigeria

Are you considering changing your diet? Take up veganism. The vegan diet has been around for a while, but as more people explore healthy eating options, its popularity has grown recently.

A vegan diet should only include plant-based products and exclude all animal products. This contains meat as well as leftovers like milk, cheese, and eggs.

Due to the fact that vegetarians can still consume dairy products like cheese and milk while avoiding meat, this is what sets a vegan diet apart from a vegetarian one.

The majority of people who have never tried veganism typically claim that it is dull or that there aren’t many food options available, however this is hardly the case. Some people have been vegan for a very long time without ever becoming hungry. People don’t always explore and are unaware of the foods that are available to them, which might be an issue.

For this reason, today’s topic will be some nutritious Nigerian dishes that are suitable for vegans to eat.

Yam Pottage

Yam Pottage
Yam Pottage

Yet another delicious yam meal. Yam pottage is a delicious one-pot option that is always a winner. You can cook it with your preferred seasonings and even use plantains. In Nigeria, yam porridge is a fantastic vegan dish.

Fio Fio

Pigeon peas are used to produce the dish called “Fio Fio” in Nigeria. It is known as otinli in Yoruba, waken-masar in Hausa, and fio fio in Igbo. Fio Fio is a nutritious vegan meal alternative in Nigeria and is often made with Achicha Ede.

The dish contains a lot of important nutrients and is exceptionally heavy in protein. There are various health advantages to fio fio.

Acha (Fonio) (Fonio)

A little kind of millet called acha or fonio (Digitaria exilis) is cultivated all throughout Nigeria.

It is a common cereal that is more prevalent in the dry season. In Nigeria, acha, a nutritious whole grain dish, can also be eaten as a vegan option.

It is well-known for its wealth of important nutrients and health advantages.

Ose oji and Garden eggs

The peanut butter in Nigeria is called ose oji or okwa ose. It is a hot groundnut paste that goes well with many different dishes. However, garden egg is the preferred fruit to pair with ose oji. It is a wholesome vegan dish.

Jollof Rice and Salad

This is yet another excellent vegan choice. You don’t have to serve chicken or turkey on top of your jollof rice; you may simply eat it with a side of salad. Salad and jollof rice is a delicious combination that will make you feel full.

You’ll need vegetables like lettuce, carrots, cucumber, and others to make your salad. These vegetables are loaded with the nutrients your body need.

Beans and Plantain

Beans and Plantain
Beans and Plantain

When you have this, who says eating a vegan diet has to be dull and boring? One dish that a lot of people adore is beans with plantains.

Although beans are a good source of plant protein and may be enjoyed on their own, adding fried plantains only enhances their flavor.

You can cook the plantain with the beans so that it turns up soft and flavorful instead of frying it separately. Beans and plantains should be included in your vegan menu in any form.

Moin Moin (steamed bean cake)

If you dislike eating beans as they are, you might want to try some moin moin. Because it is both filling and healthful, moin moin makes for such a satisfying dinner. And if you don’t want to eat moon moin by itself, you may top your jollof rice or any other vegan food with it, eat it with pap, or custard.


abacha food
abacha food

In the south-eastern regions of Nigeria, abacha is a common dish. It is made of diced garden eggs, ugba (ukpaka), dried shredded cassava, pepper, potash, and utazi leaves.

It is incredibly nourishing and offers a variety of nutritional advantages. While not a particularly healthy vegan dish, abacha is gluten-free in Nigeria.

Tiger nuts

Tiger nuts are essentially small tubers rather than nuts. In Nigeria, they are commonly consumed and marketed.

Tiger nuts are vegan, gluten-free, healthy for diabetics, and packed with vitamins and minerals. Another vegan food option in Nigeria is tiger nut milk.


There are many more excellent vegan dishes available in Nigeria than just these few examples. A vegan dinner is any dish you prepare without the use of meat or any of the other animal byproducts we mentioned earlier in the text. Just keep it simple and limit your calorie intake, especially if you’re attempting to shed some pounds.

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