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How Many ml Can A Shot Glass Hold? 2023 Guide

A shot is a very little portion of liquor, usually measuring in at about 44 milliliters. In the United States and the majority of other countries, this is the typical measurement for a shot. When it comes to the amount of alcohol that is included in this serving size, it is the same as having one beer or one glass of wine.

A shot is the ideal portion size for a fast drink and is a fun and effective way to get the party started. But without a shot glass, how can you accurately measure a shot? And how many milliliters are there in a single shot?

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What is a Shot Glass?

What is a Shot Glass?

A shot glass is a small glass that is used to hold an alcoholic beverage that is meant to be consumed in one quick gulp, such as vodka or tequila. The base of the little glass has been reinforced with thicker glass so that it will not break even if it is slammed on the table.

It has a capacity of 1.5 ounces, which is equal to 44 milliliters, and is commonly constructed out of glass or metal.

Types Of Shot Glasses Available

Let’s investigate the various types of glass structures that are available out there.

  1. Single glass: The single-shot glasses are used when you ask for a full ML in a shot during a single-serve.
  2. Cheater glass: Just like the name sounds, the cheater glasses create an illusion of having more drink when, in reality, it only contains two-third of the shot volume.
  3. Pony glass: These glasses have the capacity of one ounce and hold a small amount of alcohol only.
  4. Fluted glass: This particular glass design can be considered as the mini version of the wineglasses. The glass volume remains universal, with just the addition of the stemmed flute at the end.
  5. Rounded glass: Here, the interior wall of the glass curves downwards near the base, while the external wall remains straight.
  6. Tall shot glass: This type doesn’t need an explanation since you can clearly understand that the glasses’ height is more than other designs.

How Many ml Can A Shot Glass Hold?

Shot glasses typically accomodate the standard measure (how many ml in shot) plus a little extra for leeway. The extra space allows for more comfortable handling of the liquid.

In light of this, the most typical capacities for a shot glass are 52 milliliters (or 1.75 ounces) and 60 milliliters (or 2 ounces), both of which can easily accommodate the required milliliters for a standard shot.

Because many corporately owned bars really offer shots that are smaller than the standard, such as 37 ml (1.25 oz), they utilize a smaller shot glass with a capacity of 44 ml (1.5 oz) rather than the conventional shot glass that can hold up to 1.5 oz.

What Kinds Of Drinks Can You Serve With A Shot Glass?

In most instances, spirits such as vodka and tequila were poured into these glasses. Nevertheless, as a result of increased innovation, bartenders are now providing a variety of drinks in shot glasses, the specifics of which differ from one club to the next.

The following is a short list of beverages that can be served in shot glasses and are appropriate for consumption in the comfort of one’s own home.

  • Lemon drop, created with citron, lemon juice, syrup, and a lemon slice for garnish.
  • The Kamikaze cocktail consists of vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, and a wedged lime.
  • Jello shots, in which the jello is constructed up of layers of vodka and gelatin.
  • Rum, lemon juice, pineapple juice, and blue curacao are used to make a liquid marijuana cocktail.
  • B-52 is created with coffee, Irish cream, and Baileys or orange liquor.
  • Fireball whiskey, rum, and cinnamon powder mixed with granular sugar can be used to make a cinnamon crunch shot.
  • Smoked single malt whiskey and pine syrup were used in the forest fire shots.
  • To make the Girl Scout shot, combine peppermint schnapps, whipped cream vodka, and chocolate liquor


It is difficult to get glasses for different types of alcohol. However, when it comes to shot glasses, the work gets even more complex, leading to buyer uncertainty. Knowing how much ML are in a shot glass will aid you in the selecting procedure. You can also offer cups of several sizes so that you can serve both light and heavy drinkers according to their preferences.

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