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Is a celery juice cleanse good or bad for your health?

Celery has been employed by traditional healers for hundreds of years. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the use of juice cleanses. They may even be harmful if people consume them instead of getting competent medical care for specific health conditions.

While the vegetable is healthy, there isn’t much scientific proof to back up the claimed advantages of a celery juice cleanse. As a result, people should exercise caution when researching cleanses and detoxes, even if they contain healthful substances.

This article looks at celery, as well as the potential advantages and hazards of a celery juice cleanse.

celery juice cleanse

What exactly is a cleanse?

A cleanse or detox is eliminating certain foods from a person’s diet in order to eradicate toxins from the body. This can take the shape of a fast, diet, beverage, or powder.

However, the body already has a natural cleansing function in place. Toxins are broken down by the digestive tract, liver, kidneys, and skin through urine, stool, or sweat.

A juice cleanse is a diet in which people exclusively consume juices made from fruits and vegetables. A cleanse can provide certain nutritional advantages. Doctors, on the other hand, have detected some health dangers associated with a cleanse, including as organ damage.

Is it safe?

Nutrition is important in maintaining health, yet even nutritious celery juice lacks helpful characteristics.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, preliminary research on the effects of detoxes and cleanses suggests that some may result in temporary weight loss. However, this weight typically returns when people go back to their “routine” diet. Furthermore, there is no evidence that cleanses remove pollutants.

Celery, on the other hand, contains oxalates, which can be damaging to the kidneys at high quantities. In one case, a person’s kidneys were seriously injured as a result of juice fasting.

The following are some of the issues linked with celery juice cleanses:

  • If the celery juice does not receive treatment to prevent bacteria growth, it can cause serious illness.
  • Juicing celery eliminates fiber content, one of the vegetable’s main benefits.
  • Severely restrictive diets do not provide enough nutrition.
  • Other added juices may increase sugar and calories.

Some data also points to a possible connection between detoxes and cleanses and eating disorders.

Is a celery juice cleanse effective?

According to certain studies, celery juice can help enhance the immune system. People are drawn to the idea of juicing because it is said to be a quick and hydrating way to absorb a lot of nutrients from veggies. Vegetables, in fact, are a good source of antioxidants.

Though celery juice is healthful, there appears to be more scientific evidence that a juice cleanse can be harmful to the body. Although a cleanse will cause a reduction in calorie intake, it will not provide a long-term answer to weight loss or general health problems.

Before beginning a juice cleanse, people should speak with a doctor or nutritionist to see whether they need to change their diet or juicing plan to safeguard their general health.


Many people believe that a celery juice detox has various advantages. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting these claims, including controlled trials.

According to some of these unverified claims, celery juice cleanses can:

  • reduce inflammation
  • lower blood pressure
  • heal the liver
  • fight cancer
  • reduce bloating
  • support the digestive system
  • increase energy
  • support weight loss
  • promote mental health


One of the most serious problems linked with these unsubstantiated claims is that people with major health issues, including as cancer, may turn to cleanses instead of traditional medical therapy.

Other potential threats that a person may experience include:

  • kidney stones and other kidney problems
  • greater risk of illness, especially for those with weakened immune systems
  • the loss of too many nutrients in their stool, which could lead to dehydration
  • symptoms relating to low blood sugar, such as fainting, weakness, dehydration, headaches, and hunger

How to juice celery

A person can juice celery optimally by:

  • using a bunch of fresh celery to prepare the juice
  • separating the stalks
  • washing the celery before adding it to a juicer
  • chopping the stalks into pieces and placing them into a juicer

A high-powered blender and water can also be used to make a fiber-rich glass of celery juice. People can also experiment with different fruits , veggies and flavors. Apples and carrots, for example, complement celery well.

Consume the celery juice within two days.

Nutritional information

One cup of raw celery has the following nutrients:

  • 14 calories
  • 0.2 grams (g) fat
  • 81 milligrams of sodium, or 4% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • 3 g of carbohydrates, including 1.6 g of fiber, or 6%DV

One stalk of celery provides:

  • 1 g of fiber
  • 15%DV of vitamin K
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin A
  • potassium
  • calcium
  • iron
  • electrolytes

Celery contains magnesium, folate, riboflavin, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, and manganese.

Although celery is not a miracle cure-all, it does have some real-world benefits. Celery is a fantastic source of fiber and a satisfying, low calorie, low fat snack when eaten whole. It also helps people stay hydrated and is a wonderful source of several nutrients.

Celery’s pharmacologic qualities are also being studied by researchers, indicating that it has potential as a medicinal plant.

Although this does not guarantee that a celery juice diet will give all of the benefits claimed, celery may have some of the following properties:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antimicrobial
  • antifungal
  • anticancer
  • anti-ulcer
  • antidiabetic
  • hypolipidemic, referring to helping with cholesterol
  • analgesic
  • cardioprotective
  • cyto- (protecting the cells) and neuroprotective activity


For generations, celery and cleanses have been part of the traditional healer’s toolkit. However, because to celebrity endorsements and popular pseudoscience publications, the vegetable has received a lot of public attention.

Celery juice cleanses, according to proponents, can do everything from reduce inflammation to improve digestion and fight cancer.

Healthcare professionals, on the other hand, are skeptical about cleanses and strongly advise against following very restrictive diets.

Nonetheless, experts are now investigating celery’s numerous pharmacological qualities and its possible health benefits.



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