Is it Safe if you Take Two ExtenZe Pills a Day?

ExtenZe Pill
ExtenZe Pill

ExtenZe Pill is a natural herbal supplement manufactured by BIOTAB Nutraceuticals, Inc. and supplied by Maximizer Health Products. It claims to be a natural male sexual prowess enhancer. Because of this, males are able to improve their penis size, which in turn makes it easier for them to satisfy their sexual partners. On the other hand, this claim has been deemed incorrect ever since the manufacturer was taken to court in 2010 for engaging in misleading marketing.

Because the ingredients used to make the pill are listed, it is likely that it will help its users improve their sexual performance by treating erectile dysfunction, stopping premature ejaculation, and making the penis bigger. The instructions for using Extenze can be found in the leaflet that is included with the product’s packaging. The recommended dosage is one pill per day.

However, there have been allegations of ExtenZe users getting ill in the Laguna Beach area of California, which has led to an investigation into whether or not using Extenze pills is safe.

ExtenZe Pill

Does ExtenZe Pill work perfectly?

As the components in ExtenZe work their way through your body, the manufacturer asserts that the product will improve your sexual function and minimize the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, there is no evidence to support the function of this structure. On the contrary, this is the case.

The following are a few of the most credible findings from studies conducted on ExtenZe:

  • A study that was conducted in 2016 found that unregulated use of sildenafil, which is a common ingredient in fake ExtenZe as well as prescription ED medications like Viagra, can lead to symptoms such as seizures, memory loss, low blood sugar, and loss of nerve function. This was found to be the case when sildenafil was used in excessive amounts.
  • A man who had overdosed on yohimbine, which is a prominent ingredient in ExtenZe, was diagnosed with a rare kind of heart failure in a study that was conducted in 2017.
  • According to the findings of a study published in 2019, active compounds and hormones that are often present in ExtenZe may raise the risk of developing gynecomastia, also referred to as “man boobs.”

ExtenZe Pill Ingredients

The following are examples of some of the components that make up the ExtenZe pill:

Horny Goat Weed Leaves

The herb known as horny goat weed is frequently employed as a treatment for sexual dysfunction. To treat a variety of sexual difficulties, you can either take it by itself or combine it with a number of other herbs, such as yohimbe or maca root. Its effectiveness is typically attributable to phytochemicals and other components that raise the levels of sexual hormones in the body.

Because it includes phytoestrogen chemicals, which have estrogenic actions, it can be used to treat or delay the onset of menopause in women. It also has some estrogenic effects on the body. However, additional research is required to determine how effective it is in treating erectile dysfunction.


Ginger is a common root plant that is beneficial to many elements of human existence as a result of the influence it has on both the cardiovascular system and the metabolism of the body as a whole. Gingerol, the active component of ginger, has been shown to lower blood pressure and increase blood flow, both of which are necessary for the maintenance of an erection.

There are also suggestions that ginger, when used in a particular method, can be used to enhance the size of one’s penis; however, the authenticity of these claims has not yet been established.

Black Pepper Seed

In traditional medicine, black pepper seed is frequently used to cure sexual dysfunction; however, there is a paucity of scientific evidence into the effectiveness of this treatment. It is typically used in conjunction with ginger to assist men who struggle with erectile dysfunction in achieving and sustaining an erection.

Only studies on mice have been conducted to investigate the effects of black pepper seeds on sexual function from a scientific perspective. Tests on humans will be required to determine whether or not it is effective.

Eleutherococcus root extract

In traditional Chinese medicine, a herb known as Eleutherococcus senticosus is employed as a treatment for male infertility. In certain regions of Russia, the practice is also common. It has been shown in clinical trials conducted on human subjects to be a successful treatment for both hypertension and hypotension. Additionally, it lowers cholesterol levels and improves organ functions.

It is well recognized that factors such as high cholesterol and excessive blood pressure can contribute to erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunctions.

Yohimbe Bark Extract

It is stated that the bark of the Yohimbe tree can treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women, just like it can heal sexual dysfunction in men. Yohimbine, which is the active component in this product, is considered to have aphrodisiac characteristics. It is still one of the oldest pharmaceuticals that are used to treat erectile dysfunction, but the fact that it is included in a medication called yohimbine hydrochloride, which is prescribed for erectile dysfunction, is evidence that it is effective. Yohimbe is a natural remedy for sexual dysfunction; however, due to the terrible negative effects it can cause, there are differing perspectives as to whether or not it should be used in this role.

On the other hand, there is no question regarding the effectiveness of this treatment for erectile dysfunction. On the other side, there has been no research done to determine whether or not it contributes to an enlarged penis.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc is an essential component in the treatment of erectile dysfunction because numerous studies have demonstrated its significance in establishing and sustaining an erection throughout sexual activity. Zinc is present as Zinc oxide in Extenze tablets.

Note that many other ingredients, such as folic acid, ginseng root extract, licorice extract, and many more, are known to have an effect on erection, and that these ingredients are included as ingredients on the package of Extenze pills. Other ingredients that are known to have an effect on erection include:

Side Effects of Extenze Pills

There is evidence that the natural chemicals present in nutritional supplements like ExtenZe can cause the following adverse effects:

  • nausea
  • cramps
  • diarrhea
  • headache
  • trouble sleeping
  • gastrointestinal problems like stomachaches
  • gynecomastia
  • seizures
  • decline in testosterone production

What Happens if You Take Two Extenze Pills?

When taking one pill of Extenze every day, users risk experiencing potentially serious adverse effects. To consider taking two in an effort to increase your sexual performance would be quite irresponsible. Your attempt to achieve and keep an erection will be hindered if you have high blood pressure, as this condition makes it more difficult to do so. Furthermore, hallucinations and aggressive behavior will not assist you in maintaining your erection.

It is better to stop taking the medication and speak with your physician if you notice that the pill is not producing the desired results.

Can Extenze Pill treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction in male and female

At this time, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that ExtenZe or any other over-the-counter male enhancement pills are beneficial at treating erectile dysfunction. This is also true of any other male enhancement pill.

However, there are treatments available for erectile dysfunction (ED). Even if you have erectile dysfunction, there are a number of drugs that can help you improve your erections and sexual performance. These treatments have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

ED Medications

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is strongly recommended that you seek treatment from a medical professional rather than turning to over-the-counter remedies such as ExtenZe.

In contrast to supplements, drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED) must undergo rigorous testing before they can gain approval from the FDA. The goal of this testing is to ensure that they can be utilized without risk and are capable of accomplishing the tasks for which they were created.

At this time, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its approval to the following drugs for the treatment of ED:

  • Sildenafil. The active ingredient in Viagra, sildenafil is a popular ED medication that can provide relief from erectile dysfunction for up to four hours per dose.
  • Tadalafil. The active ingredient in Cialis®, tadalafil is a longer-lasting medication that’s designed to provide relief from ED for up to 36 hours per dose.
  • Vardenafil. The active ingredient in Levitra®, vardenafil provides relief from ED for about four hours per dose.
  • Avanafil. The active ingredient in Stendra®, avanafil is a second-generation medication that’s less likely to cause certain side effects than older ED treatments.

It will be much simpler for you to achieve and keep an erection before and during sexual activity if you take one of these medicines since they operate by boosting the quantity of blood that flows to your penis.


The Extenze pill is a natural herb-drug that claims to treat sexual dysfunction in men. However, this claim has been said to be false as the manufacturers have been taken to court and made to pay approximately $6 million for deceitful marketing. In addition, the FDA has not approved the Extenze pill to treat sexual dysfunction in men.

If you are asking whether or not it is okay to take two ExtenZe pills in one day, the answer is no; doing so is harmful. You should discuss your alternatives with your primary care physician.


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