This recipe for sweet potato chaat is the ideal “jhatpat chatpat” weight loss delicacy!

potato chaat recipe
potato chaat recipe

Are you wondering how to prepare shakarkandi ki chaat or sweet potato chaat at home? Here is a straightforward, 6-step recipe that you can prepare every day.

When the cold of winter begins to set in, our desire for warm and delicious foods increases. The allure of food sold on the street is undeniable. Consider dishes such as hot aloo tikki, aloo chat, kulcha-channa, pakodas, and sweet potato chaat, which is also known as shakarkandi ki chaat in the local vernacular. Many people experience a range of feelings when they smell smoked sweet potatoes being roasted. But if you want to avoid concerns about hygiene and having too much spice, you can always prepare your own version at home! Continue reading to learn how to prepare sweet potato chaat at home with only the most fundamental of materials!

A sweet potato is a type of root vegetable that is often recognized by its rusty color and is significantly larger than a conventional potato. As its name suggests, it tastes sweet. However, this does not automatically imply that it is unhealthy! Let’s take a “jhatpat” look at how to create sweet potato chaat before we get into all the details regarding the sweet potato’s positive effects on your health, which we will get to in a moment.

potato chaat recipe

Step-by-step sweet potato chaat recipe

Learning how to prepare sweet potato chaat may be accomplished with relative ease, even if you have no prior experience in the kitchen. Here is a recipe that requires very little effort but yields the greatest possible rewards in terms of both flavor and health.


3-4 large sweet potatoes
Chat masala
Chilli powder
Cumin seeds powder
Rock salt
Lemon juice
1 green chilli chopped
Coriander chopped
Coriander chutney (optional)

Quick recipe of shakarkandi ki chaat

  1. Take three to four sweet potatoes and thoroughly wash them.
  2. Put the whole sweet potatoes in a pot, cover them with enough water, and place the pan over medium heat.
  3. Keep the pan on the stove over a medium flame for about half an hour, or until the sweet potatoes are cooked through. Keep in mind that the duration of time it takes for it to boil can also be influenced by their size.
  4. When the sweet potato pieces have finished boiling, remove them from the water and peel them.
  5. Now cut these into cubes and add spices and condiments as per taste.
  6. Adding homemade coriander chutney is a personal favourite addition that I do. It not just adds more flavour, but moisture too!

That shouldn’t be too hard, should it? Once you are aware of the numerous positive effects that shakarkandi has on your body, you will enjoy this sweet potato chaat even more.

Health benefits of sweet potato or shakarkandi

sweet potato chaat x

The nutritional content of sweet potatoes is relatively high. They are rich in beta-carotene, vitamin B2, vitamin C, and other vitamins in addition to the complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and iron that they contain. When it comes to weight loss, what about sweet potatoes? As a result of their high content of fiber, not only do they contribute to the sensation of fullness, but they also help curb appetite and the consumption of calories. Because of this, sweet potatoes are regarded as a superfood for weight loss.

The sweet potato is a power food for people who do labor-intensive work, as asserted by a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food. This is because the sweet potato is a rich source of carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. In point of fact, the phytonutrients found in sweet potatoes have been shown to lower the risk to one’s health posed by free radicals.

People with diabetes frequently inquire as to whether or not sweet potatoes are healthy for them. Diabetes patients can benefit from this vegetable’s ability to lower their blood glucose levels, according to medical professionals. Boiled sweet potato has a low glycemic index which falls between 40 and 50.

Is the good to eat potato every day?

However, nutritionists never advise anyone to consume an excessive amount of anything. Therefore, consuming sweet potatoes in moderation is likely to provide the greatest number of positive effects on your health.

Since sweet potatoes are high in carbohydrates and calories, eating just a small dish of them on a daily basis should be good.


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