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Kroger company

Top 20 Companies That Don’t Drug Test Workers 2022/2023

Businesses that do drug tests on a regular basis or as needed have had to deal with a lot of new problems since marijuana became legal. As a direct result of the change in the law, most large companies have taken this requirement out of their employee handbooks to lessen the impact of employee dismissals. They do not see the value in punishing workers for engaging in lawful activities, as they believe it to be counterproductive. Even if there are still major businesses that disapprove of the use of marijuana by their employees, other businesses have come to terms with the fact that measurable doses of the substance can remain in the bloodstream for several weeks.

The drugs most often tested for include:

  • Marijuana
  • Opioids, such as heroin, codeine, oxycodone, morphine, hydrocodone, and fentanyl
  • Amphetamines, including methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Steroids
  • Barbiturates, such as phenobarbital and secobarbital
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

If you are looking for a job and use cannabis for either fun or health reasons, here is a list of 20 large companies that do not test their employees for drugs.

Kroger company

1. Kroger

Kroger is a supermarket chain that, in most cases, does not subject its staff to drug testing. Having said that, you have a responsibility to be aware that your past convictions may raise a red flag for the company. Workers with spotless criminal histories are not subjected to drug testing; however, individuals who are already in the system could be examined for illegal substances. Cannabis use, on the other hand, won’t get you in any problems with them. They do not test for it since they consider it to be a lawful substance. If you use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, you don’t need to worry about your employment with them being cut short by drug testing unless you have a criminal record. If you do have a criminal record, however, you should be concerned.

2. Walmart

According to the findings of One More Cup of Coffee, some first-time employees at Walmart do not have to be concerned about being subjected to drug testing. At Walmart, the only jobs that require a drug test are those that are regarded as “safety-sensitive.” These jobs include those in the deli, the pharmacy, the lawn and garden department, the maintenance department, and the warehouse. There is no requirement for a drug test in any of the other positions. A positive demeanor and a willingness to deliver outstanding customer service to Walmart’s patrons are two qualities that are required of the typical Walmart employee.

3. Facebook

The social media giant known as Facebook is home to a wide group of employees. The ability to pass a drug test is not required for any of these positions, despite the fact that many of them involve technical work. Facebook does not impose random drug tests either. There are many different employment opportunities available at Facebook. Work in an office setting is required for some of these, while others can be done from home.

4. Twitter

The example set by Facebook is followed by Twitter. It is yet another industry behemoth in the field of technology. The company does not mandate drug testing as a prerequisite to the employment application process. They also do not conduct random drug tests on any of their employees. Twitter is similar to many other social media firms in that it stays out of its users’ personal affairs and does not interfere.

5. 24-Hour Fitness

According to Med Card Now, 24-Hour Fitness is one of the leading gym businesses in the United States that focuses on health and fitness. You don’t need to worry about a drug test if you have a strong commitment to your health and fitness. The corporation does not mandate that its employees submit to random drug screenings. In the event that a situation happens that results in injury to persons or damage to property, this is the only circumstance that could result in the requirement for drug testing to take place.

6. Dollar General

Dollar General is a big firm that operates as a retail chain. They open up shops that are more like scaled-down versions of Walmart and stock them with groceries and a variety of goods. This particular business does not subject its employees to pre-employment or random drug testing of any kind.

7. Target

Target is a large retail business that operates a supermarket selling a wide range of goods. It is a department store that offers clothing, electronics, and pretty much everything else that comes to mind at the moment. Drug testing was once a requirement for employment at Target, but that policy has since been relaxed for the vast majority of the company’s staff. Workers in loss prevention and those who work in the warehouse are the only Target employees who are still required to submit to drug testing. All other Target employees have been exempted from this policy. The amazing discounts that are one of the rewards of working here are greatly appreciated by the staff members. For the majority of employers, the most important qualification is an upbeat and sociable demeanor, along with a commitment to give clients with excellent service.

8. Trader Joe’s

Respect My Region has confirmed that Trader Joe’s, a high-end food store, is more worried about delivering wholesome and healthy foods for its customers rather than being concerned about the usage of cannabis by their staff. The pre-employment screening for drugs is not something that is required by the company. In addition, it does not mandate that employees submit to unannounced drug screenings. If you are someone who is concerned about their health and wants to encourage people to make healthier food choices, this might be an excellent place of employment for you.

9. Sprouts

The natural and organic supermarket business known as Sprouts does not subject its staff members to random drug testing. You can find stores in states that have legalized cannabis, such as New York, California, and Nevada, that are comparable to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. They are aware that implementing mandatory drug testing would considerably reduce the applicant pool, and as a result, they have decided against doing so. Even if you are a cannabis user and are interested in working at Sprouts because you have a passion for natural foods and supporting good health, this is a fantastic option for you.

10. Gap

The Gap is a trendy retail brand that does not mandate drug testing for either its current staff members or the job seekers who submit their resumes to the company. Even if you work in the warehouse and are responsible for operating a forklift, you won’t have to be concerned about being subjected to a drug test until there is some kind of incident at work. If you work for Gap in a state where cannabis is legal, the company does not conduct random drug testing as part of their culture. If you refrain from using it while you’re on the job, you shouldn’t have any problems. It is in your best interest to check with the specific Gap outlet that you are visiting to verify if you are in a region in which it is legal, seeing as how each store retains the freedom to adopt restrictions based on geography. The vast majority of people, especially sales associates, do not have concerns regarding drug testing.

11. Amazon

Amazon is a firm that does not conduct drug tests for the presence of marijuana. They do conduct drug tests, however they have removed testing for cannabis from the battery of mandatory tests. Cannabis usage on its own won’t get you in trouble, but other drug use could get you in trouble. They won’t judge you for using cannabis. They consider the consumption of cannabis to be equivalent to the consumption of alcohol. If you refrain from using it while you’re on the job, they won’t say anything to you about it even if you do it at home. This regulation is unbreakable for any and all Amazon jobs that are not governed by the Department of Transportation in the United States of America. It is possible that you will still be forced to submit to a drug test if you are a driver. Because Amazon has such a wide array of employment openings, you need to make sure that you research the prerequisites for each position before applying.

12. Chipotle

According to a website , Chipotle is one of the many large fast-food businesses that does not require its employees to submit to drug testing. The firm is well-known for the comprehensive benefit packages and bonus programs it offers its employees. At any given point in time, Chipotle has an average of 64,000 employees working for the company. Since Chipotle employees are not compelled to submit to drug testing in order to keep their jobs, you should not be surprised if you are selected at random for testing.

13. Google

Google company

Even though Google is one of the best digital businesses to work for, job opportunities there are few. Although getting hired by this organization is difficult, they do not conduct drug tests on its employees. They are searching for people who are innovative and efficient, but it doesn’t matter if you use cannabis in your personal life. Google is seeking for workers who are innovative and efficient.

14. Microsoft

Microsoft is yet another technology corporation that does not pry into the private aspects of its customers’ lives. Similar to Google, it’s difficult to be hired at Microsoft due to the high level of competition. At Microsoft, obtaining a job does not require that applicants pass a drug test in order to be considered. Because it is not high on their list of priorities, you do not need to be concerned about whether or not you will pass a drug test after they hire you. There is no need for you to worry about being subjected to a random drug test as long as you come to work sober, perform your duties, and live up to your obligations. These things aren’t done around here.

15. Starbucks

Starbucks is responsible for the operation of thousands of coffee shops around the country and the world. Efficiency and providing excellent service to customers are the company’s top priorities. They do not randomly test employees, nor do they require job applicants to pass a drug test in order to be considered for employment. If you are skilled in your work and able to ensure that each of your customers is satisfied with the service you provide, you will thrive at Starbucks. The majority of the employees at Starbucks merely need to be able to provide outstanding customer service and provide the highest quality beverages.

16. Whole Foods

Whole Foods is yet another large corporation that places a premium on professional accomplishment as opposed to other aspects of an employee’s life. It is all that is required of you if you are a culinary connoisseur and you perform your job successfully. There is no requirement for pre-employment or post-employment drug testing at Whole Foods. As long as employees’ use of cannabis or any other recreational substances does not interfere with their ability to execute their jobs, the upscale restaurant company established in Austin, Texas does not discriminate against employees who choose to partake in these activities. It’s a progressive corporation that cares more about how well you perform on the job than they do about what you get up to in your personal life.

17. Apple

Apple is yet another technology corporation that places a greater emphasis on an employee’s performance while on the job as opposed to what they do in their free time. There is no evidence that Apple mandates drug testing for their employees. It is not simple to find work with this organization because it is a competitive business, but they do not require their employees to submit to drug testing as a condition of employment. Employees do not need to be concerned about being randomly tested for drugs. Apple is aware that the applicant pool is already too narrow for the company to afford to lose any more potential hires as a result of random drug testing.

18. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Another large retail chain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, does not mandate that its employees submit to or pass a drug test in order to maintain their employment. The only thing they require is that you become knowledgeable about the many athletic goods products that they make available to the general public. A successful career in the sports goods retailer is within reach for everyone who possesses a spirit of adventure and who takes great pleasure in delivering outstanding customer service to customers. Dick’s Sporting Goods is looking for people who have a willing and welcoming attitude, but the company does not place a strong emphasis on probing into your personal life throughout the hiring process.

19. Michael’s

One of the most well-known and successful craft store chains in the United States today is Michael’s. People who enjoy interacting with customers and have experience dealing with various creative materials and supplies are sought after by the company. Because of the substantial employee discounts, a great number of people choose to work either part-time or full-time for the organization. A pre-employment drug test is not something that is necessary for Michael. In addition, they do not mandate that their employees submit to random drug testing. Consider applying for this position if you’re interested in working in the retail sector and want a job that doesn’t need you to have clean drug tests.

20. Petsmart

According to Key to Cannabis, employment at Petsmart does not necessitate the successful completion of a drug test by candidates. There are a variety of people working in the store, including retail employees, stockers, and grooming specialists. It also provides positions that give you the opportunity to learn on the job. There is no requirement for drug testing for employees until there is an accident that occurs on the job and the worker’s ability to concentrate mentally is called into question. Engage in conversation with people who own pets and offer to give them recommendations on which supplies are ideal for their cherished animals.

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