Trojan BareSkin vs Ultra Thin Condoms – Which one is Better?

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If you’re unsure about which condom is right for you and your partner, here’s a helpful guide that explains the good and bad about Trojan BareSkin and Ultra Thin condoms. This will help you decide which one could work better for you.

A condom is a thin, snug tube that goes on the penis during sex (for guys) or inside the vagina before sex (for girls). It’s like a shield that stops things like semen and other fluids from getting into places like the vagina, bottom, or mouth.

People might also call a condom a rubber or the barrier method, but the goal is the same. Rubber condoms came about after Charles Goodyear and Thomas Hancock figured out how to make rubber stronger in the 1800s. Around 1858, these early rubber condoms only covered the tip of the penis. They were known as “American tips.” In 1869, rubber condoms got longer, but they had a line in the middle that made them uncomfortable.

Nowadays, condoms do two important things: they stop diseases you can get from sex, and they keep you from getting pregnant. They’re a great option for birth control because they’re not expensive, you can find them easily, and you don’t have to plan ahead to use them.

What are Trojan Bareskin Condoms?

Trojan BareSkin Condom

Trojan Bareskin condoms are a type of condom made by the brand Trojan. They’re designed to feel very thin, almost like you’re not wearing one—while still providing protection during sexual activities. These condoms are known for their sensitivity and comfort, aiming to enhance the natural feeling between partners. They are made from latex and are intended to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when used correctly. Trojan Bareskin condoms offer a close fit and are often chosen by individuals looking for a more natural and intimate experience while still maintaining safe practices.

What are Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms?

Trojan Ultra Thin Condom

Trojan Ultra Thin condoms are a type of condom created by the brand Trojan. These condoms are designed to be exceptionally thin, providing a heightened sensation during sexual activities while still offering protection. They are made from latex and are intended to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when used properly. Trojan Ultra Thin condoms are known for their thinness, which allows for a more natural and close feeling between partners. People often choose these condoms when they want to experience heightened sensitivity and intimacy while still ensuring safe and responsible sexual practices.

Trojan BareSkin vs Ultra Thin Condoms: Which One is Better?

Trojan Bareskin Condoms are considered really good condoms because they make things feel more natural and give you extra sensitivity and closeness compared to ultra-thin condoms. While Ultra Thin Condoms are 25% thinner than regular Trojan Condoms, Trojan Bareskin Condoms are even thinner, about 50% thinner than the normal Trojan Latex Condom.

However, being too sensitive down there can affect your sexual life. For some folks, the extra sensitivity from using Trojan Bareskin Condoms might cause them to finish too quickly during sex.

A study from 2017 published in a journal called Nature found a strong connection between more intense premature ejaculation and higher sensitivity in the penis. They used a special device to measure how much vibration the penis could handle. The results showed that guys with premature ejaculation could handle less vibration compared to guys who didn’t have this issue.

Benefits of Using a Condom During Sexual Intercourse

Using a condom during sex has many good things:

  • Condoms stop bad infections from spreading.
  • They also stop babies from coming if you’re not ready.
  • They make you less worried about getting sick or having a baby.


In conclusion, trojan BareSkin and Trojan Ultra Thin condoms are good choices that can help to reduce the risk of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. It’s an accessible, effective, and easy-to-use method that benefits both partners and contributes to a safer and more enjoyable sexual experience.


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