Windows and Web Application: Meaning and Difference

What is a Windows application?

It is a programme that can function on the Windows operating system. This can be used to generate graphical user interface forms. With the help of Microsoft Visual Studio’s IDE, we may construct web applications. Numerous programming languages, including C#, C++, J#, Visual Basic, and many others, can be used to accomplish this.

Example of Windows applications:

Windows applications
Windows applications

What is a Web Application?

It is a particular kind of application that utilises a Web server set up using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to operate on a browser. All ASP.NET-based web applications in the.NET framework are constructed around this component of the.NET platform, which features design-time objects and controls as well as a run-time execution context. A high-end commercial application that operates on the Internet can be built with the aid of ASP.NET, as well as a typical website that provides HTML pages.

Example of Web applications:

Web applications
Web applications

Key Difference

The following details on the distinctions between windows applications and web applications are important to note:

  • The main difference between a Windows application and a web application is that a Windows application is installed on a computer running the Windows operating system, whereas a web application is placed on a web server.
  • An installed Windows application can only be used on that system. Through the internet, a web application can be accessed from any device.
  • To launch the web application, you require an Internet Information Services (IIS) server. A Windows operating system supports direct execution of Windows applications.
  • Only a Windows platform can run Windows programmes. Numerous operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, Android, etc., support the use of web applications.
  • A Windows application won’t function on the 16-bit machine if it was created for a 64-bit operating system. The type of system has no bearing on the web application.