Yoruba Foods: Top 8 Nutritious Yoruba Foods

Amala and Ewedu Soup

The Yoruba ethnic group is among Nigeria’s largest ethnic groups and is celebrated for its rich cultural tapestry and culinary traditions. Yoruba cuisine is a vibrant medley of diverse ingredients, resulting in visually appealing dishes. Their preferred dining style often involves an amalgamation of soups, stews, assorted meats, and accompaniments like eba or pounded yam.

This culinary practice reflects the Yoruba people’s distinct way of savoring their meals—a symphony of colors and flavors that captivates both the eye and the palate. In this article, we will be looking at the top eight nutritious Yoruba foods.

Top 8 Nutritious Yoruba Foods

Amala and Ewedu Soup

Amala and Ewedu Soup

A classic Yoruba duo featuring smooth yam or plantain-based Amala paired with Ewedu soup, a slimy and flavorful delicacy made from jute leaves.

Egusi Soup

Egusi Soup

Egusi, also known as egusi soup, is a common soup in Yoruba cuisine that is made with pulverized melon seeds, a number of different protein sources, and a combination of spices. The soup is frequently eaten with a main grain such amala or eba and is a healthy source of protein, fiber, and other necessary nutrients. Efo riro is a popular Yoruba soup as well.

Moi Moi

Nutritional value of Moin Moin

Moi Moi is prepared with blended peeled beans, onions, peppers, oil, and spices, then steamed until firm. Additional ingredients like eggs, vegetables, or fish can be added.


Akara health benefits

Akara is made from peeled and blended beans mixed with spices and deep-fried into round fritters. Onions and peppers are often included for added flavor.



Asun, a beloved delicacy in Yoruba cuisine, is a flavorful and spicy dish crafted from dried goat meat. This culinary masterpiece involves a process of seasoning and marinating cuts of goat meat before they are meticulously dried either under the sun’s warmth or in a specialized dryer.

Gbegiri Soup

Notable Health Benefits of Gbegiri Soup
Image: Sisi Jemimah

Gbegiri soup is prepared from blended beans cooked with water, palm oil, and spices until it forms a smooth consistency. It’s commonly enjoyed with Amala or other swallows.

Dodo Ikire

Dodo Ikire

Dodo Ikire, a flavorful and popular dish originating from Osun State in Nigeria’s South-West region, is a beloved traditional delicacy that has transformed into a contemporary snack. Made from over-ripe plantains and an array of aromatic spices, Dodo Ikire offers a unique blend of sweetness and spiciness that tantalizes the taste buds.

Ewa Agoyin

Ewa Agoyin with Agege bread or any soft, stretchy bread

Ewa Agoyin is a wonderful Yoruba pepper sauce that is typically served over well-cooked beans. Growing up in Lagos, I ate a lot of this in the morning.


The Yoruba people in Nigeria have a delicious and diverse cuisine that reflects their culture and history. The foods listed here are just a few examples of nutritious Yoruba dishes, but there are many more to explore.


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