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Before Touching Prepared Food With Your Hands You Must?

Today’s question: Before touching prepared food with your hands, you must:

  • a. Submerge your hands in rushing wate
  • b. Use paper towels to wipe your hands
  • c. Put on disposable latex gloves
  • d. Use a hand sanitizer containing alcohol

The answer is C. Put on disposable latex gloves.

Further Explanations on Before Touching Prepared Food With Your Hands You Must

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that a significant number of foodborne illnesses are caused by improper food handling practices. Some common errors include preparing food well in advance of consumption and storing it at temperatures that encourage the growth of harmful bacteria or the formation of toxins. Inadequate cooking or reheating of food also contributes to the problem, as does cross-contamination, where pathogens from one food item are transferred to another. Furthermore, poor personal hygiene among food handlers can lead to contamination of the food they handle.

To address these issues, gloves are often used in the food industry, especially during food preparation. However, it is crucial to use gloves correctly to ensure food safety. Wearing gloves provides an additional barrier between potentially harmful pathogens and the food being prepared. This is particularly important for foods that will not undergo cooking before being served to customers.

Does Wearing gloves keep food safe?

Does Wearing gloves keep food safe?

Nevertheless, gloves are not a guarantee of food safety. If food workers do not wash their hands before putting on gloves or fail to wear gloves properly, the gloves themselves can become contaminated. It is essential to change gloves frequently, ideally after every four hours of use or whenever they become contaminated. Workers must also wash their hands before putting on a new pair of gloves.

Proper glove usage is a valuable tool in protecting customers from foodborne illnesses. However, it is just one part of a broader set of food safety practices that food handlers should follow. Regular handwashing and adherence to other food safety principles are equally important. By implementing proper food handling practices and using gloves correctly, food workers can significantly reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and keep their customers safe.

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