Do They Still Make Banana Flips?

Nickles Banana Flip
Nickles Banana Flip

Banana flips are a delightful snack that many people love. Picture a soft, sponge cake with a sweet banana-flavored cream tucked inside. To make it even more indulgent, the whole thing is often coated with a sugary, white icing or frosting.

They’re like a bite-sized taste of nostalgia for many, taking us back to the days when we enjoyed these sweet treats. However, do they still make banana flips?

Do They Still Make Banana Flips?

Yes, Banana Flips are still being made and sold by some bakeries and specialty stores. Some of the places where you can find Banana Flips include:

  • Amazon: Hostess, “The Sweetest Comeback in History”, Various Styles and Flavors, 10 Count,13.58oz Box (Pack of 3) (Banana Creme filled Twinkie).
  • Sunrise Bakery: They sell Banana Flips that are made with a rich sponge cake and are filled with a fluffy banana filling.
  • Nickles Bakery: They used to make Banana Flips, but it is unclear if they still do.
  • Specialty stores: Some specialty stores may carry Banana Flips, but their availability may be limited to select areas.

Some people may have nostalgic memories of Banana Flips from their childhood, but the product may not be as widely available as it used to be.


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