8 Amazing Health Benefits of Tomatoes Sauce

Health Benefits of Tomatoes Sauce

Have you ever thought of the health benefits of tomato sauce? People like tomato sauce for many reasons.

Tomatoes are an amazing little fruit that are good for your health and that your body craves. While, tomato sauce works great with a plate of spaghetti or a piece of pizza. There are also important nutrients in red sauce. Some of these are vitamins, fiber, and so on. Tomato sauce has some surprising health benefits that come along with its great taste. They also make sure we have a healthy, well-balanced diet.

In Nigeria, tomatoes sauce is called “Nigerian Tomato Stew” which you can use to eat white rice or even use it to cook other recipes like Jellof rice, beans cooked with stew and so on.

Without delaying your time, lets head over to the health benefits of tomatoes sauce (Nigerian Tomato Stew) below.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes Sauce

8 Health Benefits of Tomatoes Sauce

Its important to know that below health benefits can be gotten from the main ingredient which is tomatoes, other ingredients used in preparing it might also contribute to additional health benefits which might not be among the listed health benefits. its also important to discuss the health benefits of those ingredients with your doctor.

1. Eye health

Zeaxanthin and lutein are antioxidants that are found in tomato sauce. They may help protect against age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is the leading cause of blindness in older people.

2. Protection against heart disease

Tomatoes include a type of antioxidant called lycopene, which has been shown to lessen the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by bringing down blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

According to the findings of one study, individuals who consumed tomatoes or tomato juice had a decreased risk for cardiovascular illness than women who did not consume these items. This was particularly true for the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

3. Reduces long-term pain

Millions of people have mild to moderate chronic pain from inflammation, such as back pain, muscle pain, or arthritis. Because tomatoes are high in bioflavonoids and carotenoids, which are known anti-inflammatory agents, they can help relieve and prevent pain.

4. Might stop cancer growth

Lycopene is a phytochemical that is found in high amounts in tomatoes. It is a powerful antioxidant that protects your body’s tissues from damage caused by free radicals. Tomatoes can help prevent or lessen many types of cancer, including those of the prostate, cervical, mouth, pharynx, throat, stomach, esophagus, rectal, colon, and ovary.

5. Better digestion

Tomatoes are hydrating and contain 1.5 grams of fiber. Fiber is a carbohydrate the body can’t fully digest, yet it helps the digestive system run smoothly. Tomato sauce can aid with constipation, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

6. Possess vitamin C properties

Three ounces of tomatoes provide 13% of the daily vitamin C requirement. Vitamin C helps create muscles, cartilage, and blood vessels. Like lycopene, it can prevent oxidative cell damage, neutralize free radicals, and prevent colds, heart disease, and cancer. Tomato-based sauces on fresh pasta are a tasty way to get more vitamin C.

7. Low-calorie, low-fat

One cup of tomato sauce has about 59 calories and less than one gram of fat. If you are watching your weight, a great thing to order at your favorite Italian restaurant is fresh pasta with red sauce. You can add eggplant or fresh garden vegetables and a sprinkle of parmesan to this dish to make it even more filling without adding too much fat and calories.

8. Improve bone health

Tomatoes have a lot of calcium and vitamin K in them. We know that bone metabolism depends on vitamin K. Still, if you take vitamin D and calcium together, your bones will be stronger and less likely to break. Even better, if your bones get hurt, they will be able to heal faster.


Although tomato sauce has many health benefits, it is important to exercise caution when selecting the brand of processed tomato sauce that you consume. There are processed tomato sauces on the market that contain a lot of sugar, sodium, and other unhealthy additions or preservatives. Some of these sauces are processed. When purchasing tomato sauce from the supermarket, you should always exercise extreme caution.

On the other hand, it is strongly recommended that you prepare the sauce at home. Some sources claim that homemade tomato sauce has a higher nutritional content than its store-bought and processed counterparts.

When you make tomato sauce with healthy ingredients, you can take advantage of the sauce’s potential health benefits.


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