Top 10 Health Benefits of Kunu Drink

Kunu Drink

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve been consuming kunu in one way or another without realizing the nutritional value of what you’ve been eating. If that’s the case, worry no more, for you are at the right place to learn about the health benefits and side effects of Kunu.

Kunu is a traditional drink from Nigeria’s northern region. Millet, maize, rice, and sorghum are among the grains that go into its production. Depending on the grain that is used, it can be referred to in the Hausa language as “kunun aya” (which literally translates to “from tiger nuts”). Due to the many positive effects that tiger nuts have on one’s health, this is one of the most prominent forms of kunu. Others are”kunun gyada” (from groundnut milk and rice gruel) or kunun Zaki (from Millet and potatoes).

Kunu is not just any drink; rather, it is a beverage that is completely natural and comes with a variety of advantages for one’s health. People who have trouble digesting lactose can benefit from this choice, and a vegetarian diet can benefit greatly from including it.

Kunu Drink

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Different Types of Kunu and Their Names

The following is a list of different types of kunu and their names:

  • Kunu gyada ( groundnut milk)
  • Kunu gayamba
  • Kunu aya (tiger nut milk)
  • Kunu baule
  • Kunu zaki (millet milk). This is also the most consumed variety
  • Kunu amshau
  • Kunu akamu
  • Kunu jiko
  • Kunu tsamiya

Nutritional Value of Kunu

Because it is manufactured from millet, kunu zaki contains a high concentration of dietary fiber. It is an excellent source of vitamins B, C, A, and K, which are all essential to good health. Kunu zaki has higher polyunsaturated fats (omega 3 and 6). The amount of calories in Kunu are variable depending on the items that are used to make it. The main minerals found in Kunu zaki are potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Kunu Drink

Here are ten reasons why consuming kunu is beneficial to one’s health.

1. It promote digestion

As a result of the key components that go into its production, kunu has a very high content of dietary fiber. The preservation of a digestive system that is healthy relies heavily on the consumption of dietary fibre.

Dietary fiber has been shown in a number of scientific studies to offer a number of health benefits, including but not limited to the following: decrease of gastrointestinal irritation; minimization of stomach contractions; stimulation of liver and bile production; and others.

In addition, the high fiber content of kunu can assist in the treatment of constipation and encourage the smooth transit of bowels. Because the Kunu diet is low in fat, following it may be of assistance in lowering the chance of developing colon cancer and preventing colorectal adenoma from returning.

2. It can help in preventing heart diseases

Millet, which is the main ingredient, is rich in lignin, a poly nutrient that has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and play a positive role in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

3. It is very heathy for pregnancy women and breast milk mother’s

For new moms who are unable to make milk, the use of kunu is advocated in Nigeria and many other countries of Africa. This is done in order to encourage milk production. Consumption of kunu at this time period is associated with increased and better production of breast milk, however the mechanism by which it accomplishes this astonishing feat is unknown.

Taking this kunu drink regularly can help decrease nausea, which is a common symptom during the first trimester of pregnancy. It also assists in increasing the blood flow to the developing fetus and assists in reducing the issues connected with dyspepsia.

4. It promotes sparm count

if you are not pregnant but are actively trying to become pregnant. Fantastic news. Because kunu drink contains sweet potato, it has a level of vitamin C that will boost your sperm count. Sweet potato is another so-called “super-food,” by the way. Kunu beverages contain this level of vitamin C. Vitamin C is found in exceptionally high concentrations in sweet potatoes. There is 35.3 grams of vitamin C in a single large sweet potato that weighs 180 grams. According to the findings of a small research, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that possesses the “potential to neutralize sperm-busting free radicals.”

5. It lowers cholesterol level

Because it contains ginger, ginger has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and stop the formation of blood clots when consumed on a daily basis.

6. It acts as a muscle relaxant supplement

Kunu is a muscle relaxant supplement, owing to the moderate fermentation that occurs throughout the 24 hour maturation period. This impact is extremely useful for long-term physical exercise.

7. It has Anti-oxidant properties

Aside from rehydration, kunu contains vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), a potent antioxidant that boosts immunity, fights cardiovascular disease, promotes good skin, and prevents cancer.

8. It reduces menstrual pains for women

Menstrual cramps are frequent pains that many women experience every month, and the agony is often unbearable.

However, studies show that enough magnesium intake can effectively alleviate menstrual cramps and other related problems like PMS, headaches, and nausea. [9]

More importantly, millet, which is used in kunu beverages, is an excellent source of magnesium, making it ideal for menstruation women.

Magnesium, when consumed, relaxes the muscles and increases calcium absorption, resulting in great cramp relief.

In addition to the benefits listed above, adequate magnesium consumption has been associated to good muscle tone and nerve function, a healthy heart, increased immunity, stronger bones, better blood sugar control, a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and immunological dysfunction, among other things.

9. It helps in fighting against diabetes

The drink is known to help reduce the risks of diabetes.

10. It soothes colds and coughs

Because it contains cloves, kunu drink relieves colds and coughs. Cloves are well-known for their therapeutic benefits. According to, “Cloves serve as an expectorant, releasing mucus in the throat and esophagus so you can cough it out.” If you suspect you have a cold or a cough, make a kunu drink with cloves and consume it to gain the health advantages.


Kunu is a popular and traditional drink in Nigeria, where it is known for its high nutritional value. The capacity of kunu to improve sleep quality, support cardiovascular health, and aid digestion are among the plant’s many positive health effects. Without a doubt, you need to take kunu sometimes.


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